How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

One of the most prominent serial entrepreneurs and business people in the United States is Josh Verne. For more than two decades, his work has been founding and selling more than 50 conglomerate firms in the country. He is considered as one of the most successful business people in the United States. Moreover, he has one thing he attributes his success. His vision has led him through al his endeavors. As a matter of fact, vision is the art of seeing what other people cannot see while standing. Josh Verne is the current Founder and Chief Executive Officer of


  1. Be a leader, not a boss.

For you to succeed in life and the business world, there are many things you need to understand. In a business setup, there are two types of managerial positions cherished by many. A leader and a boss. Most people are bosses. In a business setup, a business leader is ever more effective than a boss. This is because a leader has all it takes to have the people influenced to work on a particular task as though it were their own. Leaders make the task owned by the people accomplished with the highest sense of integrity and oneness.


On the other hand, a boss uses is the title to force the people and workers to do what they don’t want for the sake of business. This is the worst form of leadership. Business leaders also work to demand their respect in what makes them their best interests. A leader works with the people to earn their respect in whatever he does. For this reason, he has all the capabilities to put their interests at the forefront. He then uses his goals to accomplish his tasks while ensuring they all stay on course. For anyone to succeed in life and business like a pro, they must be ready to work like a pro. They must become leaders to ensure they make a greater impact in life. You and your team will always have a lot to accomplish if you put the people you serve before you always.


  1. Everything must be a win

Never follow a plan of action that leads to an open end where you are the only survivor. People will lose your trust if you engage in deals that never favor them. For this reason, ensure you create a winning situation for everyone in any deal to make a better business environment.

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Smooth as Butter

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David Osio, a Prominent Financial Guru, Spearheads the Introduction of a State-of-the-art tool

Due to its rapid growth and lucrative nature, the real estate industry in the United States has attracted many investors. However, prospering as a real estate investor is a task that requires research and ability to interpret the prevailing market trends. David Osio and his Davos Real Estate Group have chipped in to guide investors in the real estate world by unveiling a state-of-the-art application “Davos CAP Calculator. With the tool, investors will easily estimate the gains of property or real estate investment prior to venturing into it.


Davos CAP Calculator


Gerald Gonzalez, the head of Davos REG has worked carefully and closely with company Tecknolution in the designing and formation of this incredible mobile app. The tool will allow clients to approximate returns of an investment property, after taking account of all the property’s expenses. It is a highly advanced app, currently well-suited for Android and iPhone devices. This tool marks the beginning of the unveiling of a broad range of complimentary mobile applications that will enable clients to select their property of interest with their mobile devices. Additionally, they will benefit from exceptional advisory services from Davos’ agents by communicating to them through an interactive chat. David Osio stated that the new real estate tool would allow his firms to offer financial insights to its clients. The tool will equip them with a better understanding of the real estate market.


About David Osio


David Osio is a heavyweight in the dynamic and ever-expanding financial service sector. He leads the Davos Financial Group, which consists of numerous licensed firms that operate autonomously. These companies specialize in providing exceptional asset management, wealth planning, and financial advisory services. Davos Financial Group is one of the largest and comprehensive financial advisory company in Venezuela that serves an exclusive group of clients.


David Osio has led the expansion of the company to several cities worldwide. Together with its branches, Davos Financial Group maintains offices in Panama, Miami, Geneva, and New York City. Osio holds a postgraduate degree in International banking. He commenced his financial career as the CEO of OPED Enterprise in 1981. He served briefly as a legal representative of the Caracas-located MGO Law Company and then joined the Banco Latino International of Miami. Osio made huge strides in the banking arena and held influential positions before retiring to concentrate on establishing an empire in the financial service sector. Davos Financial Group is a brainchild of Osio.

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Why Fabletics is Gaining a Competitive Advantage Over Other Brands

In today’s world where many brands have come with competitive deals, it’s not easy to start a business that swiftly becomes successful considering the number of investors who have established themselves. For example, it’s quite challenging for a new company building itself online to compete against a giant like Amazon, which has grasped the market tightly controlling over 20% of the fashion e-market. But Fabletics is one company that has hit the market and created a unique brand that is changing the rules of trade.


This is because of the strategies that are being used by the brand to sell their products. Things are rapidly changing, and it’s wise for a new shop to study the market and set goals that are achievable. That is what Fabletics has done, coming up with marketing strategies that are unique and can work. First, the company came up with designs that are of high quality. While many brands that produce quality products overprice the items, Fabletics developed a strategy to make their products affordable to the potential buyers so that every lady can afford them.


The company has also employed several other tactics to become successful. Though some firms find the method of reverse showrooming not working in their favor, Fabletics has been able to make the process profitable as they use it to create a long-term relationship with their customers. While customers browse offline and go elsewhere to buy cheap products, Fabletics organizes events to interact with people and understand the nature of the local market. The method works for them as they manage to get members at their entrance and in the showroom.


Regarding strategy of retail, data is an important aspect that is worth considering. However, it’s wise to know that data will not directly achieve the success of the enterprise. That is the reason why Fabletics looks at factors such as the interest of their members and feedback from the social media platforms to get the guide to stocking.

There are many challenges associated with different brands, and Fabletics is not left behind as it also experiences problems. But the company has overcome some of these challenges and used strategies such as educating their customers and ensuring they cater for their needs.


Fabletics is a company that was founded with the primary goal of providing quality outfits to ladies at affordable prices. The co-founder, actress Kate Hudson, wants to make sure that women feel sexy while wearing the athlete wear. The company has many deals, and customers get to enjoy a variety of privileges such as being able to shop anywhere.


They use the online platform to ensure people become members so that they can shop conveniently without having to travel to their physical stores. The company also offers free shipping and discounts for VIP members.

Design Secrets of the Homegrown Vegan Food Chain Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a fast casual restaurant chain founded in August 2007 in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. It was founded by a trio of the Georgetown University undergrads, just months after their graduation. The chain has over 40 sites in New York, California, Chicago, and Boston. It offers healthy food that is very delicious and reasonably priced.


Nathaniel Ru is one of the co-founders and co-CEO of Sweetgreen alongside Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. They all bonded over food. Even though none of the three had prior experience, they set out their ideas and came up with a business plan. They started out with the single shop in Georgetown and sourced initial funds from over 40 friends and relatives. According to Fortune, most legacy restaurant companies would emulate Sweetgreen if they were to start all over again.


Part of Sweetgreen’s real estate strategy is the timing of store openings. In New York, the company’s first store was at 28th and Broadway, far from the customary fast food chain strip along the 23rd strip. This strategy not only targets lunch traffic but dinners and weekend treats as well. The chain has been designed in a way to create a sense of relief that patronizes a retailer in a nice way. According to Ru, it is called service design that is brought about by the culmination of technology, storytelling, and design. Inside the restaurant, the first thing that catches the eye is the open kitchen that enables guests to see the ingredients, kitchen, and the processing behind. Sweetgreen has spent its time on food photography because they want their app to resemble the amazing store experience. The app has big images of its ingredients that give it a more visual experience than just ticking boxes.


Sweetgreen sources its food from farmers who use organic and conventional methods. In a new area, they usually meet farmers to see if they can come up with a supply chain before opening some stores. Rather than requesting for a particular crop, Sweetgreen asks farmers what they usually grow. Therefore, they reduce food wastage as well as exposing their customers to new veggies that they may not have tried out before.


The farm-to-table salad chain increasingly long queues and its sustained growth over the years clearly shows there’s more to lunch than just burritos and burgers.


Women in Power- Lori Senegal

Talk about women in power and the name of Lori Senecal must be mentioned. She is one of the ambitious women we have globally. Lori Senecal ventures in the advertisement industry which is considered to be one of the most challenging sectors in the business industry. Lori takes up leadership in one of most powerful industry and complicated sectors. The leadership skills that Senecal obtains, shows clearly she is a go-getter, hardworking woman, and determined to see her long term goals both personal and professional achieved.

Recently Lori Senecal was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky which is the latest role of the MDC’S Partner’s Agencies. Senegal will now take up her new role as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the MDC Partner Network a responsibility she will retain along with her other position in the MDC board. Her new responsibility will involve overseeing the expansion as well as the expansion of Crispin Porter+ Bogusky as well as managing the company’s eight global offices. The management team at Crispin Porter +Bogusky believes that whatever thing they are not good at she is and she brings her vas experience in the organization enabling it to build the strongest relationship with their clients.

Lori Senecal was the head of Kirshenbaum. Her experience and knowledge in the advertisement industry helps her lead the organization to grow from a United States focus advertisement agency to a global firm with expanded properties in technology, satisfied construction,and start-up investments. She has the most amazing leadership skills that saw her hold top positions including being the President of McCann Erickson in New York, and leading firms like Coca Cola, BMW as well as Nestle. In a statement Lori mentioned that she is looking forward to work with the agency as she plays a significant role in the expansion of the agency and the brilliant talents across the offices.

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Ms. Lori is not a President and Chief Executive Officer of top companies, but she is also passionate about inspiring the young generation. She is able to offer the inspiration through her foundation known as TAG Ideation. The organization is responsible for providing marketing as well as advertising insight to the young-adults across the world. Lori Senecal also teaches the young people leadership skills though her motivational speaking events, which she does on televisions appearances, and award panels. Her leadership character has seen her being honored and has received several awards including AWANY Game Changer awards with a Quantum leap awards in 2013. For the past few years she has sat in the panel of Isaac Awards Honoring Invention and she is also the founder of Isaac Awards an award that is meant to celebrate student’s creations.

Ms. Lori is an inspiration to many women globally and a good example and testimony that women can make in the world of business and advertisement world. She is not resting until she achieves both her career and professional goals. Lori Senecal is also looking forward to helping other young men and women to meet their life’s dreams as well as be better leaders of tomorrow.

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WEN, a great Hair Care System

A great hair care system, WEN, is one that many are raving about. This hair care product was designed to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. This system by Chaz Dean ( comes with 4 different bottles and steps to leave your hair feeling better than ever! It comes with a cleansing conditioner, a nourishing mousse, an anti-frizz styling cream, and a re moist intensive hair treatment.

This product has great reviews on Amazon. Overall, WEN has a 4 out of 5 star reviews in average. WEN leaves your hair feeling fresh, moisturized, sift, and healthy. This hair care system has been around for 16 years and has sold over 40 million bottles worldwide. They’re convinced you will love this product or your money back guaranteed within 60 days.

Hair care is an important part of a woman’s life, because hair can be a confidence booster. Hair is one of the first things you notice when you meet someone, and having unhealthy hair can make you feel self conscious. There are simple steps to take to achieve the healthy hair you want, and it is important that you take precautions early to keep from permanent hair damage. Healthy hair overall makes a woman feel great!

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The creation of a new Model in Fast food by SweetGreens co-founders

Research shows that now more than ever, more and more Americans are hitting the gym and working out. However, the sad part is that they aren’t getting any skinnier, and as a matter of fact, almost a third of the population is overweight and obese. This is the type of backdrop against which the co-founders of SweetGreens decided to start their business. The three Hoyas from the George Town University would soon realize that while starting a business is not a piece of cake, the success that comes after the struggle is definitely worth the effort.


The three came up with the idea when they were taking a senior entrepreneurship class. They realized that apart from the fast foods, there weren’t many other dining options on campus. They created the company out of a need to fill a gap in the demand and supply. When they sat down and started discussing where to get started, they realized that even though their parents were business people, they themselves didn’t have the skills needed to start a business and they had a lot to learn.


The first step in the journey was getting a suitable location for the business. the building they lived in looked promising, especially the ground floor. Now all they had to do was convince their landlord that a restaurant was the best use of the space. Getting a meeting with her wasn’t easy, but eventually they made it happen. To their amazement, she told them to show him a business plan and when they did, she bought their idea. Today, the business has expanded to over 40 locations across the East and West Coast and is still growing.


The second challenge that came was getting people to support their venture s it grew. The idea was great and students took to it, however, it wasn’t until they decided to combine SweetGreens with Sweetlife when people like Daniel Boulud, Steve Case and Danny Meyer took notice and invested. The idea behind sweetlife was to create a brand that impacted the community in more ways than just selling their salads to them.


Another thing that has helped them succeed is the inclusion of technology in their sales. Nathaniel Ru says that a third of their sales are made through the website. He also states that they do not believe in concepts such as having huge headquarters as they favor being closer to their customers, another thing that has helped their success. For the trio, the sky is definitely a stepping stone for success.


The Importance of Working With Others


There are a lot of people who want to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Over the past couple of years, Kevin Seawright has done a great job of growing his business and investing in the local community. He does a great job of promoting his services on social media, especially Twitter, and he has recently started to show everyone all of the great community service that he has been involved in.

Over the coming years, he is in a great position to take things to the next level with his business. The growth model that he has is going to help a lot of people in a variety of ways.

Kevin Seawright

From the time he was young, he has always wanted to make a positive impact on others. Not only has he had success in business, but he has also spent a lot of time and money on his charity work.

If you are interested in investing in your future, this is a great start. Kevin Seawright has a lot of great things that he is planning in the coming years. If you want to learn from someone who has succeeded at a high level, he is a great person to work with.


According to, one of the most common services that Kevin Seawright is known for is his investing services. He helps a lot of people with their personal finances, and this is really helpful in the coming years to young families. The great thing about personal finance is that success is more about following your plan rather than the strategic element of it. Discipline will get you a lot farther in life than having a great plan that you never follow.

This is something that he has constantly tried to teach others, and he is doing a great job of learning how to develop this aspect of his business. Even though he has had a lot of success in recent years, he does not want to stop growth rapidly as a business.

Remove Body Toxins With


Digital Journal writes that when Pastor Hosea Collins found out that his wife of 20 years needed a kidney he volunteered his. However, he was deemed ineligible because he was over weight. He thought it would be impossible to help his wife, but started to formulate a plan to at least give it a shot. He heard of from listening to Steve Harvey’s morning program and began his challenging journey to save his wife’s life and be able to donate her a kidney.

The first month, after losing 27 pounds using, watching his diet and exercising he knew he had a chance. The Paster ended up losing 130 pounds in a few short months and became eligible to donate his kidney and save his wife’s life. is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for individuals in need of becoming more healthy, or those looking to improve themselves through a full body detox program. This 20-day program works to improve life in several ways, boasting to improve energy levels, clear up skin, remove sugars and junk foods from your diet, help you to clear your mind and boost your immune system among other positive effects.

They are firm believers in the idea that no disease is incurable. There is a root cause for all of these diseases and that is the toxins that we allow into our bodies. The idea is to educate yourself properly about the foods and liquids you intake and begin to live a more healthy lifestyle that can bring about positive change in all that you hope to do and accomplish.

The possibility of losing 10-30 pounds in the first week of trying the 20 day cleanse program is lent weight through the many people that have tried it. Removing the existing toxic elements in our bodies to live a more healthy lifestyle is a choice we should all make.  Find their official website here:

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