New Paranormal Podcast Debuts on Norman Pattiz’ PodcastOne

A new paranormal podcast debuted on Norman Pattiz’ PodcastOne. Crunchbase posited that Norman Pattiz is the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne, which is one of the largest advertiser-supported podcast networks in America.

The new PodcastOne stream will focus on WWE star Chris Jericho’s show. The show will feature exciting discussions with world-renowned researchers and challenge the viewer’s’ thoughts on demons, aliens, ghosts, ghouls, monsters, angels, miracles, and mysteries.

The new show will have two hosts, Dave Schrader who is a radio host and an author and Tim Dennis, a radio host as well and a radio producer. New episodes will be available every Monday on, iTunes, and the PodcastOne application. According to Norman Pattiz, Chris Jericho distinguishes himself as one of the jewels of the network. Norman adds that Chris has evolved beyond wrestling with his Jericho Network Collection.

Chris Jericho has been a successful comedian, and now he is taking us into the paranormal with Beyond the Darkness. Chris Jericho believes that the two hosts are top anchors who have a massive fanbase which will help the new channel catch on faster. Beyond the Darkness is expected to grow with the aid of the huge audience on the Jericho Network

About PodcastOne

PodcastOne is America’s leading advertiser-supported podcast network that was founded by Norman Pattiz. PodcastOne is the largest producer of on-demand audio programming. The network hosts more than two hundred popular podcasts some of which include Chris Jericho, Shaquille O’ Neal, Gabrielle Reece, Neil Strauss, Ross Mathews and the Forbes on PodcastOne Network and more.

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is the founder and chairman of PodcastOne. He is also the founder of Westwood One, the America’s largest radio network and entertainment provider in the Broadcast Industry. Mr. Pattiz created Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 .and at the end of 2012, he launched PodcastOne.

Pattiz had the opportunity of being appointed by President Clinton in 2000 to be on the Broadcasting Board of Governors in America. In 2002, Norman was reappointed by President Bush.

According to Bloomberg, Norman Pattiz was in charge of the launch of America’s Arabic language radio as well as television serviced to all the twenty-two countries of the Middle East. He was also responsible for the launch of Farsi language broadcasting to Iran that had a weekly audience of almost forty million listeners.

Mr. Pattiz is the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. Norman serves as a Regent of the University of California.

Why Hiring An Event Planner Is Beneficial

Hiring a Planner in NYC

Are you looking for event planners in New York City? Got an event approaching that you don’t think you’ll be able to organize? Well, you’re in luck because Twenty Three Layers is one of the top corporate event planners in NYC. Though there is a surplus of event planning companies in NYC, there are none quite like Twenty Three Layers. They do it ALL! From flowers to entertainment, this company will take care of every detail of your event or party. In a recent article, it discussed the amount of organization it takes to throw an event, and here are some of the thing that Twenty Three Layers would take care of for you.


Planning The Party

Making the lists can be a lot of work- there is a lot to consider. You’ll need to know who the party is for, when it takes place and who will be invited. Will there be a theme? How will the décor tie into the theme? You’ll have to send out invites and give guests ample time to RSVP. Will there be kids invited to this event? You’ll want to make sure you have a kids table and activities to keep them busy while parents enjoy the event. Then there will be the question of food. Is this a fancy event or a simple one?


Asking For Help

These are just a few factors the article touches upon. It can be a lot for a newbie or someone with little time to plan a large event for people to enjoy. New York City is a great place to host and hold an event, and with Twenty Three Layers help you will be throwing a buzzworthy party. They have photos and samples of past parties all over the web. Each theme is depicted perfectly and decorated immaculately. You won’t be disappointed when you choose Twenty Three Layers to help you plan your event.


Securus Technologies Bestowed with Major Honor for Customer Service

Based in Texas, Securus Technologies is dubbed a leading provider of criminal justice technological solutions. These include products and services for investigation, offender monitoring, public safety, and corrections.


Securus Technologies announced that it was a winner in the Customer Service Training Team of the Year category as part of the 11th annual Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service. Securus Technologies received a Gold Stevie Award winner. This award is a major distinction for Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies received its award at the annual awards ceremony held in February. Over 650 business executives were on hand for the event, including the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies. The CEO of Securus Technologies accepted the Gold Award on behalf of the company. The ceremony was held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.


77 judges determined the recipients of the awards. These judges hailed from different areas of the business community. They are all considered experts in their particular spheres.


When considering nominees, the judges consider factors like how well a company responds and corrects a problem in the customer service arena. In addition, the judges consider the overall impact a nominee has on the community.


In the case of Securus Technologies, the judges determined that the company was proactive when it comes to dealing with customer service delivery issues. In addition, the company has a significant impact on the public.


A prime objective of all solutions provided by Securus Technologies is public safety. Indeed, a safe statement is that enhancing public safety is a major objective of Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies currently serves the needs of over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies in North America. The company serves the varied needs associated with over 1.2 million inmates and supervised offenders in Canada and the United States at this time.




Cheap, Delicious, One of a Kind


You and I both like to drink whiskey and the most popular scotch brands. Everyone has their own opinion about what whiskey is best. Their price range is everything from fifteen to five hundred dollars and up a bottle. But the real question is what is the best cheapest whiskey? Well when it comes to that, there is only one name that comes to mind, and that is Evan Williams. Evan Williams was made back in 1783 in Kentucky. It has the strength and visual similarities of Jack Daniels, but is almost half the price.

if you want good cheap whiskey Evan Williams is smooth and filled with notes of oak, brown sugar and caramel. All three of those things mixed together gives Evan Williams a special taste that is unlike any other. This drink almost has a hint of vanilla smell to it that makes your mouth water. When you drink it, it starts smooth and ends on a nice medium. There isn’t a long burn that stays in your throat or a bad flavor left in your mouth. It is delicious and amazing to drink on the rocks or mixed with your favorite drinks. There is nothing like an Evan Williams and some vintage soda brands  on a nice Summer eve, don’t you think?

Karl Heideck Is An Accomplished Litigator

Karl Heideck Is A Leading Philadelphia LitigatorLitigation refers to proceedings instigated between two conflicting parties to impose or protect a legal right. In most instances, the settlement for litigation is the two opposing parties reaching an agreement. However, a jury or judge can hear the case and issue a verdict. Litigation covers a couple of activities carried prior to, during, and after a court proceeding to impose a legal right.

Litigation process

The complainant initiates the litigation process by issuing a complaint to the defendant. The complaint highlights the behavior or conduct of the defendant and gives a detailed explanation of how it affected the complainant. The complaint informs the defendant the timeframe and place for filing a response. The defendant can choose to admit or deny the accusations. She or he can also say that the available evidence is not sufficient to make him or her admit or deny a specific allegation. The defendant can also choose to come up with his or her own claims against the complainant. Enlisting legal assistance from top litigators like Karl Heideck is an ideal tactic for streamlining the litigation process.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an internationally known litigatorKarl Heideck is an internationally known litigator hailing from the Philadelphia area. His expertise lies in risk management, compliance, and litigation. Currently, he practices law at the Grant & EisenHofer law firm, specializing in risk management and compliance. He has the extensive professional expertise of working with leading law companies, including Conrad O’Brien and Pepper Hamilton LLP. Heideck joined the well-known Temple University and earned his law degree back in 2009.

During his tenure at Pepper Hamilton, Heideck was the project attorney in charge of reviewing materials with the aim of fact finding, preparing trial, and discovering other valuable matters surrounding the case. He currently resides and practices in Philadelphia. Heideck has earned the loyalty of clients and other prominent attorneys for his exceptional legal research and amazing writing skills.

Madison Street Capital Strikes A Deal For Ares

Madison Street Capital recently played the role of a mediator in the equities and the subordinated debt investment negotiations deal involving ARES. ARES is a security corporation specializing in finding risk management solutions. The firm produces software solutions to their broad clientele spread right across the world.


Meet the CEO


The deal was announced via a press statement delivered by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, and the group’s Senior Managing Director, Reginald McGaugh. It was then that the public got to learn how the recapitalization provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners made a move to success.


Reginald had this nice words to say about the entire affair. He termed it a top honor to work with ARES. He went ahead to add that the due diligence and overall, the capital consolidation process were unlike what they are used to dealing with in the industry. The process was seamless, and it took off without the slightest mishaps. Both parties are enthusiastic about the prospects working together, moving forward.


The main reason Ares brought Corbel into the equation was for the sake of raising enough capital. Asides, Corbel offers flexible financing solutions and the support from the staff ought to be sufficient to ensure the continued growth of Ares. Another reason happens to be the extensive networks which Corbel has amassed over the years.


About Madison Street Capital Reputation


Madison has supported businesses all over the nation for years. The company is bound by core values such as integrity and ethics and superior performance. It delivers its impact by providing timely advice and consultations from small to mid-sized businesses. Madison also works with corporate clients. Other functions executed include negotiating mergers, acquisitions and valuation analysis.




According to the experts over at Madison, the most growth in the coming years will be witnessed in the emerging markets. As an intelligent investor, you ought to work in close partnership with the venture capitalist firm to secure the lucrative deals and offers up for grabs in this markets found in places like India, Africa, and other emerging markets. The firm is a favorite for thousands of investors owing to their straightforward and transparent dealings.




The company is very big on charity. They have staked millions of dollars and committed their experts to working on solutions for embattled communities. For instance, in an attempt to improve the quality of life for the residents of regions like Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and in Alexandria, Virginia, they have set up a trust fund called the United Way. This fund focuses on improving the education and the businesses in these locales.


For more information, check out Madison Street Capital on Facebook.


Brian Torchin’s Involvement in the Health Industry

Being a chiropractor specialist in the health industry, Brian Torchin is the president, founder and CEO of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors). HCRC is a Staffing solution firm, located in Philadelphia where he is currently working.

The purpose of HCRC is to offer career consultation to physical therapists and present employment opportunities to professionals seeking to apply their skills in the healthcare department.

Torchin’s professional experience of around 12 years has played a significant role in the growth of recruiting healthcare counselors. This is by providing comprehensive solutions to both his clients and candidates seeking employment/help.

Both his Facebook page and Twitter mainly contains the advertisement of job opportunities in various departments in healthcare unit and the location where the service is highly needed for the public to apply.

For instance family practice/internal medicine physician SPARTANBURG, SC 29307. Therefore his profile creates employment opportunities to professionals thus making it easier and accessible to job seekers. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Torchin’s biggest accomplishment was starting HCRC Staffing, which is a successful staffing agency that caters to the medical industry. It is a company that has grown broad and aids in quenching the thirst of most unemployed personnel by enabling them to find help in the field of their specialization.

Some of the opportunities it covers include chiropractic jobs, nurse practitioner, physical therapy jobs among others.

Brian Torchin’s service providers give clients the efficient guarantee of the services they prospect to obtain to be the best since HCRC staff are highly trained. They also provide assurance to those seeking staffing agency’s help a better position to find a job and also employees can fill in the job position.

Torchin has been featured on several outlets that provide qualified services such as Digital Journal which featured `Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry.’ features how recruitment of chiropractic has been significant among other outlets.

The use of HCRC services is recommended since it has proved to be a sufficient method that is reliable to market for jobs and also a platform to obtain employment in question. HCRC offers qualified services to its clients and the public at large.

The Political Life of George Soros

George Soros is one of the most active people in the world when it comes to politics. Many people look up to his influence in a variety of places around the world. He has the money that can be used to influence others for his own gain. Over time, he has proven to truly care about the lives of people in developing nations on Not only that, but he strongly believes in education and what it can do to help others. He thinks that it is a huge issue that the cost of college is so high. Over time, he knows what he can do to help other people get to the next level in life.

George Soros

When he was young, George Soros moved to England so that he could go to a college with enough support to help him reach his goals. This is an experience that would stick with him throughout his life. He learned early on on that many people have different opportunities in terms of what they have learned. There are a lot of people who have little to no access to education, and this is a major issue over the years. If you want to invest for the future, George Soros can help you do that. However, he strongly believes in investing in yourself first through education.

Cost of College

One of the biggest issues in the economy today is the cost of college. There are many people who cannot afford to go to college based on the current cost on Forbes. Not only that, but he is ready to start helping others reach their educational goals however he can. Online learning is a growing area of the industry, and he believes this has a lot of promise when it comes to help people reach their goals. Whatever ends up happening, George Soros just wants other people to have the same opportunities that he has. George Soros believes that student loan debt is a huge issue that needs to be addressed. Many people are graduating from school and are straddled with tons of debt from the beginning.

Future Plans

In the coming years, George Soros wants to make education a bigger point throughout the world. He knows that a lot of people have opportunities to make things better, and he wants to make sure that everyone has access to quality education. In many countries today, only the children of rich parents have an opportunity to go to school. This is not good over the long term. Expanding access to education is one of the biggest political issues that George Soros is looking at today. With all of his resources and influence, he believes that he can get things done in a fast way for a lot of reasons. Many people are starting to see his side of the story and agree that more investments in education are needed.

InnovaCare Health – Providing High Quality And Affordable Managed Healthcare Products And Services

When it comes to managed health care services in North America, the name of InnovaCare Health just cannot be missed. The company offers Medicare plans and physician care services through its subsidiaries that include Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs and Provider Networks. The services provided by InnovaCare Health helps in adapting to the ever evolving healthcare industry and makes health and medical services more affordable and accessible for the people. The business and service model used by the company is integrated with cutting-edge technologies and is affordable and sustainable. The network models created by the firm are one of its kind in the field and helps in reaching out to the people looking for affordable and quality healthcare services and plans.

The Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plans offered by the company are flexible, open-ended and quality oriented. InnovaCare Health understands that the need of different individuals with regards to health care services can be different. It is why the solutions provided by the company are designed to have the options to personalize the plans to a great extent so that the customers only pay for what they need to be included in their health care plans. InnovaCare Health has over 7,500 affiliate health and medical services provider who service over 230,000 customers of the company. The National Committee for Quality Assurance has also given InnovaCare Health awards in recognition of the company’s high-quality products and services.

However, with all that said, the due needs to be given to the leadership at InnovaCare Health that has worked relentlessly to take the firm to new heights of success. Its Managing Director, Rick Shinto has been associated with the medical and health care services industry for over twenty-five years. His tremendous experience in the field of clinical procedures, managed health care services, operational healthcare, and more, has helped Rick gain knowledge and expertise that he puts into practice to gain results at InnovaCare Health. Before joining InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto has worked with Aveta as its Chief Operating Officer.

Another shining star at InnovaCare Health is its Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Before becoming CAO at InnovaCare Health, she has also served in the capacity of CEO. She has worked with many different leading companies in the healthcare sector, including AmeriChoice, Centerlight Healthcare, and Touchstone Health. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides are committed to taking InnovaCare Health to new heights of success and have many innovative plans in their bucket that they plan to implement soon to get a competitive edge in the market.

Fabletics – Giving Amazon a (Fashionable) Run for Their Money

For years, Amazon has held a monopoly of sorts over the fashion e-commerce industry. Many have tried to topple Amazon off the top—most, if not all, failing. That is, of course, until Kate Hudson’s Fabletics came into play. Fabletics is a subscription-based e-commerce fashion store, aiming to make workout clothing fashionable again; at a much more affordable cost than competitors, such as Amazon, can offer.


Now, anyone with any know-how of the business industry knows that it can be rather complicated for a new company—such as Fabletics—to get off the ground, let alone compete with a contender as major and prominent as Amazon. While it was certainly no easy feat, one big reason Fabletics has had such an impact is their use of reverse showrooming. For those unaware, reverse showrooming is when a consumer reviews a product online but opts to make the purchase in a brick-and-mortar store.


Through Fabletics’ usage of the growing reverse showrooming method, they are able to attract a demographic Amazon cannot—those that wish to look through clothes online, before deciding what to purchase in-store, but would also like to try on said clothes. As Fabletics allows consumers to review their products online, and try on in stores, the choice is often made much easier for many consumers—and almost all consumers who have experienced Fabletics would agree, it’s a great service.


While on the topic of consumers, there is a multitude of positive reviews of the internet for Fabletics—as one might imagine, given the company’s impact. One such review is an unsponsored review from Teri, owner of A Foodie Stays Fit from 2014—fairly soon after the company was founded. Teri says that she feels the quality offered by the company is great for the price—about $50 a month for a 2-3 piece outfit that would be curated to your own personal style, with the option to “skip” a month if needed—being charged $0 for that month. The ability to skip a month is something that Teri states as a very useful feature—as if there is nothing that catches your eye that month, you will not have to choose an outfit you don’t like to not waste the $50.


For many people looking to start a business, nothing is as terrifying than the idea of needing to compete with one of the biggest companies in the current market—Amazon. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, however, took on the retail giant with all they could—and came out with a profit—and has managed to make a huge impact on the e-commerce fashion industry over the years.

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