The Reno-Gazette Journal reported that over the past few years, a severe drought has taken its toll on the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe. The winter resorts and surrounding businesses face not only the drought, but a political battle and incorporation attempt over what is known as Olympic Valley. This valley is known for its winter sports terrain and Squaw Valley Resort.

The president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC, Andy Wirth, admits things have been tough the past four years. He is optimistic that relief is on the way as far as weather and politics. Early snow storms and much colder than usual temperatures the past few seasons have helped the ski resorts open their slopes much earlier than normal. In addition, backers of the drive to incorporate Olympic Valley have finally withdrawn their pursuit.

Wirth states that Squaw Valley Ski Holding spent large sums of money opposing the incorporation attempt. If successful, the incorporation would mean higher taxes on businesses and residents. Not only would Olympic Valley be isolated from north shore communities which up until now, have been able to pool their resources, but important services such as roads being maintained and snow plowing would be decreased.

Wirth felt the move would result in financial disaster for businesses and the ski slopes. With the incorporation attempt halted, Wirth feels healing can take place and issues such as transportation and creating a healthier community can now be addresses. For more information, visit Reno-Gazette Journal.

Working to make Squaw Valley Ski Holdings one of the most desired destinations for tourists worldwide, CEO Andy Wirth is also a tireless advocate for environmental issues. His goal is to not only preserve the Lake Tahoe area and its natural resources, but to also improve the community services available to residents. Wirth believes that everyone in the community should benefit from the community service organizations.

Going beyond the needs of the community, Andy Wirth’s philanthropy efforts extend to another distinguished group, the Navy SEALs. Wirth suffered from an almost fatal skydiving incident resulting in his ambition to co-found an Ironman team known as “Wounded Warrior Support”.

His mission is to honor the brave and heroic individuals that represent the Navy SEALs. The team he initiated strives to raise funds for the supporting foundation of the SEALs. The money is used to aid special operations performed by the elite group of team members and to support them and their families upon their return home. Information can be found about Andy Wirth and his organization at About Me Andy Wirth.

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Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight