Bernardo Chua has done his best to put his mark on the gourmet coffee mystery. Chua has developed a strong brand that is bound to reach coffee lovers worldwide. He has been able to bring about a brand of coffee that is different from everything else that is out there. This is a difficult task when one considers the number of gourmet coffee brands that already exist.

Chua has produced what is often referred to as healthy coffee on his Facebook. The fan base that supports his brand, OrganoGold, are aware that they are witnessing genius when they consume the products that he has brought into creation. He has added healthy ingredients to coffee after so many naysayers say that this was something that was impossible to do. He has managed to bring this to the market and advertise this brand as part of a health and wellness industry. This may be the first major gourmet coffee that would actually fit into this category.

The buzz about his brand spread throughout the United States and abroad. There are people in the Philippines that are taking notice of this brand of coffee. There are also people in south Africa that are drinking this. The brand has spread throughout the world as something that is different from everything else.

What this has essentially shown is that Bernardo is an excellent advertising executive. He has to ability to make people become curious about what he is selling. This is always a good thing for a CEO that is trying to do something that is outside of the box.

Bernardo Chua has discovered that he had the skills to reach people though direct selling methods. This is the sign of a strong leader. He could have chosen a traditional route, but he chose another avenue. This direct selling method has worked quite well.

Bernardo Chua has been able to build a business through sheer determination. It was something that he was able to do because he was dedicated. He wanted to create a brand that people would enjoy, and he has done this with great skill.