For many years, our correctional facilities across the United States have been depending on paper forms, which require both the corrections staff and prisoners to go through lengthy processes for handling their requests. Our prisoners have been going through an agonizing wait and endure unnecessary hiccups for their paper applications to be processed and approved. Even in an instance where there was a reliable schedule in place for processing these requests, it would be impossible to deal with thousands of paper forms effectively.


Paper forms have a huge number of disadvantages to both the corrections staff and inmates. Fortuitously, Securus Technologies made a very significant innovation, which will help solve all the problems associated with paper application forms. The Securus’ paperless, digital filing platform on ConnectUs increases the efficiency of communications between the prisoners and prisons authorities. Inmates will be able to fill and apply their grievance and inmate forms electronically. ConnectUs incorporates a user-friendly interface, and anyone can use it file applications any time in real time. Its ability to offer real-time status updates is what makes this inmate application from Securus Technologies uniquely effective.


 The grievance and prisoner application on ConnectUs is revolutionizing the inmate industry and setting new standards of service delivery and excellence. The app can do this through enabling our prison management to help inmates get access to real-time updates on the time of processing and delivering of their requests. In addition to making the life of inmates easier, the ConnectUs application also provides a wide array of avenues to jail authorities to customize the app as they deem fit to the needs of the particular correctional facility.


The ConnectUs application offers inmates with the chance to receive individual updates. In fact, inmates can receive compliance rules and important news on the ConnectUs application’s bulletin board. According to the information from Securus Technologies, the application is saving the correctional industry a lot of time and money. Every month, the ConnectUs application processes approximately 13.8 applications per inmate. The statistics from Securus indicate that the jail authorities save around 65% when using the app in comparison to paper forms. The application is continuing to receive rave reviews nationally for its cost-saving nature and efficiency.