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The first month, after losing 27 pounds using, watching his diet and exercising he knew he had a chance. The Paster ended up losing 130 pounds in a few short months and became eligible to donate his kidney and save his wife’s life. is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle for individuals in need of becoming more healthy, or those looking to improve themselves through a full body detox program. This 20-day program works to improve life in several ways, boasting to improve energy levels, clear up skin, remove sugars and junk foods from your diet, help you to clear your mind and boost your immune system among other positive effects.

They are firm believers in the idea that no disease is incurable. There is a root cause for all of these diseases and that is the toxins that we allow into our bodies. The idea is to educate yourself properly about the foods and liquids you intake and begin to live a more healthy lifestyle that can bring about positive change in all that you hope to do and accomplish.

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