You and I both like to drink whiskey and the most popular scotch brands. Everyone has their own opinion about what whiskey is best. Their price range is everything from fifteen to five hundred dollars and up a bottle. But the real question is what is the best cheapest whiskey? Well when it comes to that, there is only one name that comes to mind, and that is Evan Williams. Evan Williams was made back in 1783 in Kentucky. It has the strength and visual similarities of Jack Daniels, but is almost half the price.

if you want good cheap whiskey Evan Williams is smooth and filled with notes of oak, brown sugar and caramel. All three of those things mixed together gives Evan Williams a special taste that is unlike any other. This drink almost has a hint of vanilla smell to it that makes your mouth water. When you drink it, it starts smooth and ends on a nice medium. There isn’t a long burn that stays in your throat or a bad flavor left in your mouth. It is delicious and amazing to drink on the rocks or mixed with your favorite drinks. There is nothing like an Evan Williams and some vintage soda brands  on a nice Summer eve, don’t you think?