There are few designers who create awe-inspiring images. As an interior designer, Richard Mishaan has had his work described as not only awe-inspiring, but also as expansive, eclectic and luxurious. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the type of unusual combinations a Richard Mishaan design has become known for. In fact, it is not unusual to see objects from different time periods co-existing within the same space when entering a room designed by Mr. Mishaan. His unique perspective on design earned him the privilege of creating stunning interiors for such recognizable structures as the Trump Towers.

The elements often found within a Richard Mishaan design could be attributed to the artist’s cultural heritage. Although he was born and raised in the port city of Cartagena, Columbia, he also spent some period of his childhood in Bogota and Italy. Even as a young child, Richard Mishaan displayed an avid interest in the architecture found in these old world regions. Eventually, he chose to attend the Columbia School of Architecture as well as the University of New York. A true Richard Mishaan design not only showcases the artist’s cultural background, it also highlights his unique blend of skills as both an architect and designer.

Mr. Mishaan began his designing career working as an apprentice in the office of Philip Johnson. This opportunity gave him the experience needed to eventually move forward as an interior designer in his own right. The level of sophistication seen in a Richard Mishaan design is due to the artist’s clever use of color, pattern and texture. The elements often found within his interior spaces go beyond traditional furnishings to include such as extravagances as high-quality works of art and extraordinary light fixtures. A Richard Mishaan design is visually pleasing, comfortably enticing and extremely memorable.