Andrew Rolfe was one of the key people behind the Ubuntu Education Fund gala fundraiser in London this year. The event managed to raise a total of 603,000 British pounds for the fund in South Africa. This was slightly over the goal set by the organizers which was 600,000 British pounds.

During the gala in London, Andrew Rolfe welcomed hundreds of London’s top socialites and philanthropists personally to the event. The event featured choral song performances by a Xhosa or South African tribal group. It also included speeches made by people whose lives were impacted by the Ubuntu Education fund.

One of the speakers was Sinesipho Rabidyani. Sinesipho is a young woman whose live was changed profoundly by the support she received through the Ubuntu Education program. The fund provided her with schooling and support. Sinesipho Rabidyani came from an abusive family. Despite this, she is now heading to law school thanks to the guidance and learning she has received through the Ubunu Education Fund. Her speech deeply moved the London socialite and elite audience. It helped the gala to be a successful fundraiser.

In addition to singing and speeches, there were also auctions. All of the proceeds went to support the Ubuntu Education Fund which helps needy children in South Africa obtain an education, later find jobs and secure housing and food. The auctioned off items included artwork by African artists such as Dom Pattinson and Nelson Makamo which helped raise 33,000 British pounds during the gala. A luxury South African holiday package was also auctioned off.

Andrew Rolfe serves as the chairman of the Ubuntu Education fund in South Africa. In his professional life, Andrew Rolfe works with investment firm TowerBook Capital Partners. Mr. Rolfe serves in the capacity of a managing director at TowerBook where he oversees the acquisition of investments in the retail, hospitality and food service for the firm.

Andrew Rolfe has also worked for the clothing company, Gap Inc. He held an executive position there. One of his accomplishments while working at the Gap Inc. was expanding the brand into global markets outside of the USA. Mr. Rolfe was also instrumental in expanding the Banana Republic clothing brand into Asian markets such as Singapore, Japan and Malaysia.