Jeffry Schneider is the Chief Executive Officer of the boutique based in Austin called Ascendant Capital LLC. Mr. Schneider presently lives in Austin, Texas Area. As the president of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has assisted in raising funds amounting close to one billion dollars. Also, he has also helped the firm expand to employ more than thirty workers. While being hired to work for several established financial services companies, Jeffry Schneider acquired excellent professional skills, especially an insightful understanding of alternative investment programs. Moreover, he also has the capability to develop intense relationships with his customers.

Jeffry Schneider holds a degree from a university based in Amherst known as the University of Massachusetts. He loves eating healthy. Further, Jeffry Schneider also enjoys staying fit. He has participated in several Ironman Triathlon, marathons, and half ironmans. Jeffry Schneider also enjoys exploring the world and has toured extensively across Asia, South America, Europe, and more. As a philanthropist, Jeffry Schneider involved himself in helping various charitable organizations including Cherokee Home for Children, God Loves We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, and the Gazelle Foundation. Before Jeffry Schneider’s employment at Ascendant Capital LLC, he worked at both Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management. Moreover, MR. Schneider also worked for Smith Barney, Alex Brown, and Merrill Lynch.

Ascendant Capital LLC is a boutique that offers its clients alternative investment strategies. Ascendant Capital possesses a diverse range of sales and operational services, education, marketing, and a creative approach related to financial structuring. This enabled the company to raise funds for emerging and established investors. Additionally, the company has also been able to source private equity firms and leading real estates. Once Ascendant Capital identifies the funds, it distributes these private and public offerings through International Markets, Private Banks, Registered Investment Advisors, and United States Brokerage Firms. Besides, the company also structures, consults, and markets the offering identified to ensure that their clients receive high-quality investment services. Ascendant Capital LLC partners with fund managers who are highly qualified with the aim of creating differentiated strategies to satisfy the market needs.

Funds raised by Ascendant Capital LLC are also used to purchase tech companies, auto dealerships, real estates, and much more. Whereas this growth is remarkable, Jeffry Schneider and the team working with him have no plans of ending the progress. The company has sights for the future of raising fifty million dollars monthly. Jeffry Schneider’s belief is that alternative investments investors a great way reducing volatility and diversifying holdings. The success of Ascendant Capital is due to the culture the company possesses. This includes a sense of trust and open dialogue between members of the team, and the idea of transparency.