Yeonmi Park the author of the Amazon released book titled ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’. To her, her safe and joyous moments were when she had food. Her narrative started when she crossed the Yalu River at night with her mother.

To survive the journey, it took extraordinary strength. Yeonmi was subjected to constant human injustices like starvation and abuse.  According to her, the father died with no idea on the amount of food that exists in the world. He also didn’t know about democracy.

Yeonmi Park‘s ordeal has got the attention of many people across the world. Yeonmi says that her story is true, and some information was omitted to shield some family members living in North Korea. She also couldn’t tell all her secrets because of shame and fear of stigmatization. Read more from

Yeonmi Park currently lives in New York. Park narrates her mother offered herself to be raped instead of her. She told the Reason TV she was 13 when she escaped her oppressive country together with her mother.

Having grown under dictatorship leadership, Yeonmi transverse the world making aware the cruel life the people of North Korea live. In Korea, she lived with her parents and her sister near the Chinese border. They survived with the food given by the government. At some point, the rations reduced drastically, and they had to content with a frozen potato for dinner.

Yeonmi Park ate anything ranging from dragonflies, flowers, grasshoppers so much time as her tummy was filed. She was not concerned about the taste. Telling her story unveils the harsh leadership of Kim Jong-Il. The regime made citizens do whatever they could to stay alive, people starving. Dead bodies were usually found in compost pits.

The people lived in fear. For more information, read