We would all hope to have a good hair day every day, but sometimes our products don’t hold up to their guarantees. The regular shampoos and conditioners we buy are filled with harmful detergents like sulfates. Instead of promoting strong, healthy locks, these chemicals are stripping our hair strands and weakening them further.

Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean knew he had to remedy the common problem, so he developed the now world-famous WEN no-lather shampoo system. His special cleansing conditioners contain zero sulfates and use a balanced holistic approach. His one-bottle magic can wash hair, condition, deep condition and treat any problem imaginable, all while delivering healthy, bouncy, super shiny tresses. He sells his products on Amazon and on high-end cosmetic stores.

Bustle.com beauty blogger Emily McClure was hoping that a 7-day sampling of WEN could turn her drab limp hair into a sexy celebrity mane.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner with extra body and decided on a daily Wen wash for seven days. Emily also snapped hair selfies to show readers her WEN results.

As her fine, limp hair got used to the WEN program [read: http://www.wenhaircare.com/], Emily noticed fuller, very shiny, manageable hair. She would blow-dry and then style her hair after using WEN. The results were fantastic as one could see from her pretty selfies. Even her close friends noticed new, glossy locks and complimented Emily. They could see the amazing difference,

Being on a busy work schedule and admitting to some hair care laziness, Emily began altering the daily WEN washes. She used the product at night and then woke up to already greasy, flat hair. Once, she skipped the WEN wash and again, noticed limp hair return.

As long as Emily returned to a simple daily wash, followed by a blow-dry and styling, then WEN by Chaz helped her achieve that A-list mane her friends all loved. For more info, check out the Wen YouTube channel.