MB2 Dental Solutions is a provider of a dental practice management solution. Many dentists love working as a sole practice but there are certain aspects they don’t enjoy. Many don’t enjoy the paperwork, having to manage staff, or other issues as related to running a business. They also want access to the advantage of being a corporate dentist.

In order to assist these dentists, MB2 Dental Solutions offers services that can manage every aspect of running a dental sole practice’s business side of the equation. They can do payroll, billing and collections, compliance, marketing, and the entire gamut. This frees up the dentist’s time to focus on his patients instead of managing a business some of the time.

MB2 Dental Solutions was founded by dentists. Due to this they are highly respectful of the fact that all dentists want complete clinical autonomy. They don’t want anyone interfering in their relationship with their patients. Dentists can use their services while knowing that when it comes to their patients there won’t be any interference by their dental practice management provider.

There are now affiliated dentists for this company in 6 states. More than 85 locations are associated with MB2 Dental Solutions. Many of these offices are in Texas with other locations in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, and even Alaska. The goal is to one day expand into many more states across the United States.

Seeing a great financial opportunity, Sentinel Capital Partners recently invested a large amount of money in MB2 Dental Solutions. What caught the eye of their analysts was the unique physician-centric ownership model that MB2 Dental Solutions has created. Each practice that is affiliated with the uses a “joint venture” business model where both sides succeed in a partnership. One of the partners at Sentinel Capital Partners remarked that due to this the company is highly efficient using this model to operate. He also said that he was looking forward to working with the company and its owner/dentists in the future.

There are several types of dentistries affiliated with MB2 Dental Solutions. While many are general dentists others are specialties. This includes cosmetic dentistries, oral surgeons, and those who provide orthodontics. This Carrollton, Texas-headquartered company is looking forward to further growth in 2018 and beyond.