Walmart has Beneful dog food in different flavors which include chicken, beef, and salmon. The food can be purchased either wet or dry. Food is priced by ounce, so everyone can find what fits his budget.A 15.5lb bag of Beneful dry chicken can be purchased for $13.98. The same amount can be purchased for that same exact price in the flavor beef.Walmart’s prices for wet dog food varies. Purina Beneful Prepared Meals Variety Pack includes 6 10-oz tubs, totaling $10.58. Purina Beneful Medleys Variety Dog Food.

However, includes 27 cans that weigh 3oz each.Walmart does not carry Beneful Healthy Weight with Real Salmon in either wet nor dry food, but it does carry salmon in Beneful’s Original and Incredibites.Although Walmart does not rollback their prices on Beneful dog food – due to their already everyday low prices – coupons are available to print on their website.