OSI Group is a global leading food processing industry whose headquarter is in Aurora, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky founded the company in 1909. During that time, the company was operating as a simple butcher shop and also a meat market that was in Chicago and that was called Otto & Sons USA. As time passed by, Otto & Sons grew greatly and its name changed to OSI Industries which also changed to OSI Group After some years of exponential growth. OSI Group has over 100 years of a very impressive history.

Today it has a global manufacturing facilities with some of its zonal offices in based in Asia, Europe and America. The company serves the retail and also the food serving industries. Some of the products offered by the company includes; hot dogs, fish, pizza, bacon, poultry, meat patties and also vegetable products. The company has two great leaders who have managed to steer it to its highest level. There is Sheldon Lavin who is the Company’s CEO and David McDonald who is the President and COO. Under their leadership the company has always been concerned with green practices, food safety and sustainability. They are planning to use strategic-market focus approaches to grow the company to even better heights.

In the year 1995, Otto & Sons was given an opportunity to supply McDonald’s with hamburger as the first supplier and that marked the start of its great growth. In the year 1973, Otto & Sons opened a plant that was specially intended to serving McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin partnered with the two great brothers who were Otto Kolschowsky’s sons in the 1970s. As McDonald’s continued to grow rapidly, Mr. Lavin led in steering them into the global market. In the late 1980s, OSI Group continued to expand into Brazil, Australia, Spain, Taiwan and Germany. In addition to this, in the 1990s, the company continued to expand into Mexico, Poland and Philippines and at the United States the company continued to increase its production greatly whereby two additional plants were successfully opened.

The company’s tremendous growth in the recent years was based on a number of acquisitions. The company has acquisition in Australia which gives it a better presence in the Australian beef industry. In 2006, the group also acquired the American Poultry company that is based in the USA. In the year 2016, the company acquired Tyson production plant in Chicago, Illinois, Dutch Baho Food Controlling Stake, UK Flagships Europe and also Hynek Schlachthof GmbH which is based in Germany. The company expanded to Canada, Japan and India in 2010 while it went into a joint venture with Canada, Germany and United Kingdom in 2014.

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