George Soros was born in Hungary. As a philanthropist, he has donated more than $12 billion for the sake of bettering the society. Soros funding supports individuals as well as organizations. These organizations work together to fight for freedom in different sectors of the world. From the freedom of expression to transparency and governance, Soros primary objective revolves around saving the world by implementing viable policies. He is inclined on promoting justice in addition to equality in the society.


Often, Soros generosity has been associated with individuals who have unpleasant experiences like discrimination based on their race or culture. Better yet, such individuals face injustice based on their lifestyles. Soros has extensively shown support to the people of Roma in Europe as well as others in different societies. Such people are usually hooked to drug use and sexuality issues. Because of the unpleasant treatment they go through, Soros has dedicated most of his time and projects to making the world a fairer and comfortable living place for them.

Fighting for Freedom

For a man who has experienced intolerance at a young age, Soros understands the challenges that come with discrimination and injustice. The Hungarian – American who was born in 1930 experienced the Nazi regime in 1944. At this juncture, approximately more than 500,000 people lost their lives. Soros and family survived the situation because his father presented falsified documents to the rulers. By concealing their backgrounds and helping their neighbors to do so, Soros family escaped the torture of that regime. In an interview about his life, Soros cited that instead of giving in to their fate, they resisted a stronger and precarious evil force. Not only did they survive but also tagged their neighbors along.


In 1947, Soros flee Hungary when the communists ceased power. He relocated to London and settled for studies as a part-time student and a waiter. He also worked as porter in a railway station. These are some of Soros inspiring life experiences that he used as a stepping stone to greatness. In London, he attended the school of economics before moving to U.S. and investing in finance. His fortune stems from his passion for economics.

Open Society Foundations

As a visionary investor, Soros focused on establishing instrumental businesses. In 1970, Soros launched a hedge fund called the Soros Fund Management. He then used this hedge fund to establish Open Society Foundations. This is a series of networking foundations that have the same objective. From handling the same projects and partners, Open Society Foundations focuses on developing over 100 countries in the world. Its focus and name reflect Soros’s thoughts according to Karl Popper’s philosophy. Presently, Open Society Foundations thrives on promoting democratic governance, respect for human and civil rights despite a person’s culture and preferences. Soros’s philanthropy dates to 1979 when he dished out scholarships to South African students.