OSI Group continues to make its presence felt in the food industry. The company has been an innovator in meat distribution for many decades. OSI Group started out as a meat market that was called Otto and Sons. The company reached new heights when it formed a working relationship with Ray Kroc and the McDonald’s organization. OSI Group brought many variables to the table that solidified its relationship with McDonald’s. As the restaurant chain grew to worldwide success, so did the meat distributor. They introduced new concepts such as the patty making machine.

Cryogenic freezing was also another way that leaders at OSI Group were able to maintain the cutting edge over the rest of its competition. The company soon became the primary meat provider to McDonald’s, as well as other major franchises such as Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza. OSI Group provides a variety of products including bacon, hot dogs, pork, fish, vegetables and poultry.

OSI Group operations continue to expand. It recently acquired Baho Food. The move was made to solidify a presence in Europe. Baho Food has an established clientele that will help the company grow in the manor it has over the past decades.

OSI Group has been able to move in a positive direction because the it is constantly looking for talent that fits the mold for their business model. There are recruiting bases in several countries around the world. Germany, the UK, Poland, Hungary and the Asia-Pacific are all locations for talent searches.

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