I love college football. It is one of the most pure sports in America. Unlike the NFL, college football has been played for more than a century with some rivalries being even longer in history. Previous to the rise of the NFL, college football was the premier level of football containing all the fame any player would ever receive during a lifetime. Before college football integrated, many black players were also able to be famous nationally through black college football. Many old players from this era of all stripes trace the beginning of World War II as the beginning of the rise of the NFL because many college players were lost and injured in the war, and most were then too old for the college game, but still possessed their love for the game when they arrived home.

This is why I loved and only wanted to play the game to that level. I understand it, but while I was on scholarship, I could not work, and had a very small stipend. The system is so unfair that I started to gamble on games in my spare time. If I could not make money on my talents, I wanted to make money on my knowledge of the game, and I was very good at it. The only problem was that there were many nefarious people in the betting world in those days. Bookies and scary odds makers were the norm. In other places in the world, people could make civilized wagers with business people in the business of gambling instead of these people of whom I was not at all thrilled at giving my money.

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