Greg is shrewd entrepreneur and a revered master trader. While speaking to Inspirery, Greg posited that he decided to start his business after realizing that the average persons did not have adequate knowledge on the forex business. He asserted that without adequate educational background in the business, the stakes of engaging in the game are high. It is for this reason that Secker decided to offer his trading tools and empower many people to have an opportunity of improving their lives at low risk.

For a long period, Secker rendered his services in the corporate world. However, he felt the need to teach people on how to trade and make money by being a leading example. To this end, he incorporated all his teaching programs with Learn to Trade and his foundation. He posits that generating money through trading should be easy. According to Greg, individuals need to have proper knowledge on when and how to invest. He contends that at the age of 27, he left the lucrative corporate world. The existence of various noble platforms such as Learn to Trade made it easy for him to trade. Before long, Greg was teaching his family and friends on how to engage in the forex business.

Greg posits that at the beginning, he almost gave up. However, he took a leap of faith, went back and reassessed his steps to track where things started going wrong. All the while, he started creating workshops and webinars for Learn to Trade. This way, people would have adequate educational resources to engage in the forex business without having the necessity of engaging in trial and error like he did.

About Greg Secker

Greg’s career started in Thomas Cook Financial services. Later, he engaged in the lucrative foreign exchange business by running a new business known as Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). Notably, VTD allowed consumers to engage in forex business by receiving real-time quotes. Mellon Financial Corporation enlisted his services. As the vice president of the Fortune 500 investment bank, Greg was able to work with some of the leading traders in the world.

As the owner of Knowledge to Action, Greg provides the populace with educational materials through webinars and workshops. Knowledge to Action has four crucial subsidiaries, which are Learn to Trade, The Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Chart Software and Capital Index.