Hair is one of the most important beauty assets possessed by women and men alike. As so, many people will try almost every hair product that offers them a promise of healthy and bouncy hair. Cleansing conditioner has been one of the greatest developments in the hair beauty industry.

What Exactly is a Cleansing Conditioner?
Cleansing conditioners are a combination of shampoos and conditioners, coming in one package. They offer the benefit of both hair products. Once used on hair, they help to first condition the hair, before working as a gentle hair cleanser.

Who Should Use Cleansing Conditioners?
Cleansing conditioners are ideal for every hair type. But, they are more beneficial on dry, brittle and damaged hair. The gentle detergents used in them is essential in helping your scalp regain a PH balance. This is important in reducing the overproduction of natural oils.

Benefits of Cleansing Conditioners

Gentle on Hair
Cleansing conditioners utilize mild detergents that are gentle on your hair. Therefore, cleansing conditioners make an excellent solution for the people who have dry scalps and brittle hair. This is because, it does not corrode all the natural oil. Hence, WEN helps in trapping moisture, which is important in making dry hair look healthier.

Colored Hair
Are you a fan of colored hair? If yes, you need to know about cleaning conditioners and how they can help you retain the color. Washing your hair with cleansing conditioners ensures that you don’t lose color as you wash your hair. Instead, WEN helps in preserving the color, provided that the color used is from a reputable manufacturer.

Cost and Time Saving
One of the best things about cleansing conditioners is that they help you save money. You need not purchase two separate bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, the cost of maintaining healthy hair becomes significantly low. In addition, with a cleansing conditioner, you do not have to take so much time shopping for the best brands in each category.

If you are looking for a cleansing conditioner, WEN By CHAZ DEAN Cleansing conditioners are ideal.


WEN By CHAZ DEAN is a premier hair products brand. They are particularly popular for their cleansing conditioners. Their cleansing conditioners are made to offer the benefits of five hair products including conditioners, shampoo, detangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner.