Being a chiropractor specialist in the health industry, Brian Torchin is the president, founder and CEO of HCRC (Healthcare Recruitment Counselors). HCRC is a Staffing solution firm, located in Philadelphia where he is currently working.

The purpose of HCRC is to offer career consultation to physical therapists and present employment opportunities to professionals seeking to apply their skills in the healthcare department.

Torchin’s professional experience of around 12 years has played a significant role in the growth of recruiting healthcare counselors. This is by providing comprehensive solutions to both his clients and candidates seeking employment/help.

Both his Facebook page and Twitter mainly contains the advertisement of job opportunities in various departments in healthcare unit and the location where the service is highly needed for the public to apply.

For instance family practice/internal medicine physician SPARTANBURG, SC 29307. Therefore his profile creates employment opportunities to professionals thus making it easier and accessible to job seekers. Learn more about more Brian Torchin:

Torchin’s biggest accomplishment was starting HCRC Staffing, which is a successful staffing agency that caters to the medical industry. It is a company that has grown broad and aids in quenching the thirst of most unemployed personnel by enabling them to find help in the field of their specialization.

Some of the opportunities it covers include chiropractic jobs, nurse practitioner, physical therapy jobs among others.

Brian Torchin’s service providers give clients the efficient guarantee of the services they prospect to obtain to be the best since HCRC staff are highly trained. They also provide assurance to those seeking staffing agency’s help a better position to find a job and also employees can fill in the job position.

Torchin has been featured on several outlets that provide qualified services such as Digital Journal which featured `Torchin staffing the global healthcare industry.’ features how recruitment of chiropractic has been significant among other outlets.

The use of HCRC services is recommended since it has proved to be a sufficient method that is reliable to market for jobs and also a platform to obtain employment in question. HCRC offers qualified services to its clients and the public at large.