Haiti has long been a country facing special needs and challenges, but ever since the devastating earthquake of 2010, this tiny island nation has relied heavily on the support of the international community for many of its most basic needs. That includes health care, and the Kabbalah Centre has stepped up to bolster the effort of bringing life-giving medical services to thousands of Haitian citizens.

Working with an organization called Partners in Health (PIH), the Kabbalah Centre has provided generous financial support to bring not only modern medical services to Haiti, but to counter the degrading effects of despair that poverty and tragedy has had upon the people of Haiti.

The doctors, nurses and other medical specialists of PIH serve an area of Haiti that encompasses 1.3 million people and employs a staff of 5,400 Haitians.

Working with PIH represents the core vision of the Kabbalah Centre. This emphasizes the notion that Kabbalah is not a philosophy, but a practical force in world that recognized there is real work to be done.

Helping others in real and practical ways, such as providing life and comfort-giving medical aid to people, is a classic example of service to humanity, a notion at the heart of the Kabbalah Centre mission.

Providing support to PIH is accomplished through the Kabbalah Centre’s Charitable Causes program. The goal of this effort is to share resources with people living under extreme hardship. An added benefit of the program is that Kabbalah students gain an opportunity to grow through the process of transformative sharing with fellow human beings.

In addition to financial support, the Kabbalah Centre works actively to provide volunteers who provide “boots on the ground” work in area of need around the world.

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