Success Academy is a charter school that is located in New York. The school has worked hard to make sure that they are providing their students with the best environment for learning and this has enabled them to score higher on tests, have lower dropout rates and more success with the students who leave the school. Success Academy requires their students to wear uniforms while they are going through the rigid curriculum because they think that it prepares the students for things that will come in their future. They also do many things differently from a traditional school in that they give their students the freedom to learn how they need to.


There are many different ways that people learn how to do things. Children need to be catered to and their learning style needs to be taken into consideration no matter what grade they are in. Since Success Academy wants to see children learn as much as possible, they have different classes that are tailored for different learning styles and that is helpful to the students.


By making students wear uniforms while they are attending school, Success Academy has created a professional environment for the students to learn in. They will expect to learn when they put the uniform on and they will know what they will be doing. It also allows the students the chance to enjoy everything that they can do without having to worry about what they are going to wear. Success Academy knows that uniforms contribute to the high scores their students receive on tests.


Since the curriculum is not focused on test-taking and it is, instead, focused on the students being successful, Success Academy has a higher chance of making sure that their students are able to truly learn instead of just learn how to take tests. This is something that has set Success Academy apart and something that has allowed them to be even more successful. Students learn the material and are only able to be confident in their test-taking skills because they know what the subject is about since they have been experts in it.

Success Academy named finalist for prestigious national charter school award