FreedomPop, a growing company in the low-cost wireless arena, is bringing its unique take on cellular service to Spain, and it will include use of the popular WhatsApp app as part of the package.

Currently, FreedomPop offers basic plans at no cost for customers in the United States and United Kingdom, allowing subscribers to use those services for free or to upgrade their accounts to have additional features. While those consumers get a limited number of free minutes and data, customers in Spain will also see the added perk of free calling and messaging through the WhatsApp app.

Estimates show that approximately 70 percent of wireless users in Spain have WhatsApp on their devices. It is believed the app accounts for more than 90 percent of the country’s texting activity. The addition of the WhatsApp service on FreedomPop devices mean that users can choose to communicate entirely for free as the company subsidizes their use of the app. This added value to customers in Spain leads the company’s prediction of acquiring 500,000 to one million users within their first two year of operation in the country.

FreedomPop has additional expansion plans, including sites in Europe, Asia and South American, some of which will be added this year. There are also launch plans for a global hotspot and SIM. While those efforts are initially focusing on usability across the European region further expansion may be in the works.

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