When Angie Orth, a popular travel blogger and owner of Angie Away, accepted a discounted trip for her wedding, she thought it would be a great experience. What she never expected was a bad review to lead to rape and death threats from the destination’s employee.
The travel location in question, Bahama Beach Club, had extended Orth the chance at a 5-star trip for herself and her guests, at a reduced rate. In return, she would review the club on her blog.

Unfortunately, the experience was a negative one. When she published as much on her site, a Twitter campaign of harassment began. It escalated to rape and death threats, and were eventually linked to a media employee for the Bahama Beach Club, Avdhesh Kumbhar.

According to First Coast News, the owner of Bahama Beach Club, Craig Roberts, denies any part in the harassment. He claims Kumbhar was fired long before Orth ever stayed at their establishment.

However, he has gone on the defensive. He claims that Orth asked for money, and told him she would give a glowing review in return. But Orth provided the string of emails, and all communication between the two leading up to the wedding, and after. They all confirm that she merely took the offer of a reduced rate for an honest review of her experience.

Roberts has said he will provide his own evidence, but no media sources involved have received it. This, on top of the threats and the fact that private information such as the money Orth spent on the trip was mentioned in the offensive messages, paint Roberts in a very bad light.

The reputation of the Bahama Beach Club has likely been permanently tarnished by this series of events. From the truly terrifying and disgusting threats by an employee, to the abysmal handling by the owner, it doesn’t seem to be a recoverable situation.