Scandals are common throughout society. Every day, politicians, businessmen, universities, and other organizations encounter a difficult situation and chose to handle it poorly. This mismanagement leads to a scandal, which they then fail to properly manage the scandal. Failing to properly address a situation can forever keep an organization’s reputation down, so they must act quickly. Recently, the people at UC Davis encountered a scandal that they should have handled differently.

In early November 2011, protestors at UC Davis began a sit-in. The administration at UC Davis was tired of the sit-in, so they called the cops. The cops blocked the exits and began pepper spraying people in the quad. Hundreds of college students experienced injuries. The scandal began to plague the administration, but the University did not sit idly by and let the scandal stew. They immediately hired a reputation management firm, which acted to hide the event from people on the internet. Unfortunately, a story recently appeared revealing the plan at UC Davis. While many people fault the university for hiring a reputation management company, managing your reputation is only natural. The real error was the university hiring a reputation management company that could not remain discrete.

Reputation management is a constantly growing industry. The growth of the internet has made the news cycle extremely rapid, but it has also made it impossible for a story to go away. There are hundreds of news organizations, and when each one reports on a story that story will permanently stay on the front page of search engine results. Even a minor scandal can permanently destroy a company’s reputation. Status Labs recognizes this problem and acts to prevent reputations from being destroy. Darius Fisher founded the company to prevent people from losing their reputation.

Darius Fisher knows that your search results impact your bottom line, and he loves helping his clients. Today, his company serves 1,500 clients from around the world. Darius Fisher gives personal attention to each client and his clients are proud of the results. Companies around the world are struggling to save their reputation, and Fisher is proud to intervene on their behalf.