The Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth has finally returned to work after undergoing a prolonged period of rehabilitation following a major skydiving accident he feared would cost him his life according to a WSJ report. Andy Wirth was forced to draw on all the skills he had developed as an outdoors man after striking a metal stake as he was forced into an emergency landing when blown off course during his skydive.

The accident resulted in Andy Wirth severing an arm and unsure of when help would reach him; focusing on a Pearl Jam song allowed Wirth to avoid slipping into shock and not surviving the accident.

The outdoors have always played a major role in the life of Andy Wirth (read more here: and led to his decision to enter the resort management industry he has called home for more than 25 years. Andy Wirth began his interest in travel early in his life when his choice to leave what was West Germany and travel to Colorado to study, which was followed by an advanced degree at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

A KCRW interview shows that since his accident Andy Wirth has faced a number of problems in returning to full health and to the active lifestyle he was known to live; despite the problems Wirth has faced he has made an amazing return to life and work.

Wirth has not only returned to his active role in the Lake Tahoe community, but has also participated in a number of triathlons as he continues his bid to make a return to full fitness.