Investor, Philanthropist and Much More

Stephan P. Murray was born on August 2, 1962. He died on March 12, 2015. He will be remembered fondly as a man with many talents. He had been the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital.  He was a person who had many talents to offer to the world. His abilities were put to good use and benefitted those around him.

Board Seats

Stephan did hold board seats during his career. The most current seats include the following:
* Crestcom International
* Ollie’s Bargain Outlet
* Strongwood Insurance Holdings
* Jetro JMDH Holdings
* Infogroup Inc.

Stephen P. Murray was a respected and admired individual. He was an active and involved person who had many leadership qualities that were appreciated.

Economics and Education

Stephan excelled within education. He had attended Boston College and Columbia Business School. He had obtained his degree in economics. He had graduated in the year 1984. He then went forward to earn his master’s degree. Business administration was included. Stephan was a well-educated individual who has left a legacy that is worth remembering. He furthered his knowledge with credit analyst training. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

A Family Man

Stephan Murray was also a family man. He had a wife and four sons who meant the world to him. His lived a life that appeared to be a nice balance between his career, education, and a family that he cherished.

Passions and Philanthropy
Stephan made it a point to leave this world a better place. He had supported many charitable organizations. He was able to generously give much of himself through philanthropy. He was very informed about generating ideas and found many ways to support numerous worthy causes. Stephan P. Murray was a man who lived a well-rounded life and he had many abilities and talents to offer.

A Man From North Tarrytown, New York
Stephan had been raised in Tarrytown, New York. He had gone to Sleepy Hollow High School. His parents are Joseph and Nancy Murray.

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