Mark Hutchinson has a deep rooted dedication to the wild. He spent his childhood horseback riding, crawling into the holes of wombats, and fly-fishing. He grew up in Australia and enjoyed fishing and camping and spent a year as a jackaroo. His life has been full of adventure and he even travelled the entire length of Africa in his car when he was only nineteen. When he was 22 he entered the corporate world and started an adventure company but eventually returned to the wild. His passion for nature resulted in the development of a company called WildArk. Mark Hutchinson wanted to help preserve nature and introduce people to the beauty all around them. Learn more:

Mark Hutchinson’s passions are in wide open spaces and long dusty trails and he has always been drawn to the Outback’s special allure. The idea of a wilderness company held a unique appeal so he enrolled at the University in Sydney and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He founded Untamed and began showing people the glory of nature and many of them started out with no connection at all. He learned about conservation and ecotourism and his confidence began to build. This was when he met Sophie and they began traveling the road together. Everything came together when he met Anton Lategan and they became friends immediately. They had the same goals and Mark Hutchinson became involved with EcoTraining which was Anton Lategan’s company.

Mark Hutchison is kindly referred to as Hutch and has always been amidst the bush. He is a powerful and passionate advocate for the wild and his entrepreneurial spirit has led him on many adventures in his life. He educates individuals about the wilderness and tries to make sure the planet is protected and the future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

His adventures are intriguing and include spending time as a jackaroo in Australia and taking the time to discover Africa. One of the companies he created was called Untamed and he guided people into some of the most gorgeous wilderness on the planet while helping them forge a connection with nature. Learn more: