Cosmetics are a huge part of daily life. Every day, millions of women around the country wake up and put on their make-up. This make-up gives them the confidence they need to get through the day, and fortunately there are several cosmetology experts in the country that are trying to innovate the make-up industry. One of the most innovative minds in the cosmetics industry is Doe Deere. Several years ago, Doe Deere founded Lime Crime cosmetics with one goal. She wanted to allow women around the country to live their lives out loud. The brand has taken off and thousands of women are loving the new look that Lime Crime allows for them.

Doe Deere has become a fashion and cosmetics icon, and many women are curious as to how she became the cosmetology expert she is today. Doe recently sat down with a guest of a guest, a popular blog to discuss her past and her current inspiration.

The interviewer started by asking her about her childhood. Doe had a very interesting childhood. She was born and raised in Russia, but at the age of 17 she moved to New York City. She lived in New York for eight years, and during that time she was part of a band. Her time as a musician in New York was life changing. She met hundreds of unique and exciting people and she got to see a side of the city that is rarely seen. Being in a band fed Doe’s creative side for many years, and she met her husband while working in her band. They were both in the band together, and they just clicked. Being in a band in New York changed her life, but eventually she decided to move to Los Angeles to start Lime Crime.

Doe is an extremely ambitious young woman and the interviewer wanted insight into her advice for other ambitious women. She wants young women to follow their passion. Doe believes that everyone has something special and unique to offer and that by embracing that uniqueness they can reach new heights professionally. She really wants to see more women go for what they love, and ignore their self-doubt.

Doe has reached great heights in her professional career and her passion is adding color to the world. Producing Lime Crime products has been the highlight of her career. She loves the bright colors that she can bring to women everywhere. Her background in fashion design and her willingness to produce make up in any color has brought her a great deal of joy.

Doe Deere has lived a brilliant and ambitious life, but she wants others to realize that they can reach new heights on their own. She hopes women everywhere start following their passion.

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