Clay Siegall is a leading entrepreneur in America’s medical field. He has worked for multiple reputed research companies, holds several patents licensed to the likes of Pfizer and GSK, and is CEO of Seattle Genetics. Looking at his blog is mind-boggling to say the least. It’s rife with football news, and looks more like an NFL broadcaster’s twitter than a blog. However, reading in depth, one can surmise Mr. Siegall’s out-of-the-box character. Nestled amongst the NFL blogging is discourse about climate change, the recent hurricane, and even a wonderful depiction of “The Windcatcher”, a real jewel of Iranian crafting.


So, what does this mean when it comes to Siegall? It speaks to his interest in the adaptability of teams faced with adversity. It shows his knowledge of the NFL’s workings and player character on and off the field. He mentions the tactical importance of Jordan Reed to the Redskins, and also the philanthropy of Cowboys players. The stark variety of his interest really speaks to his career, as well.


One would think that a cutting edge leader in the cancer industry would have a degree in pharmaceuticals or human biology. Instead, Clay Siegall went down a path that really represents his unique abilities. He received a BS in zoology and a PhD in philosophy. The qualities he retains from his college days have certainly enhanced him as an entrepreneur and admin/CEO. Not to belittle his scientific ability, however, as he was also a principle scientist for years.


Clay Siegall has worked with Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna, Ultragenix, and Seattle Genetics. His leadership with Seattle Genetics led to the creation of ADCs. This novel technology is in line with the recent revolution in gene-targeted cancer therapy. Siegall also leads Seatle Genetics capital fund-raising.