Traveling vineyard began in 2001 in Massachusetts and is a subsidiary of Geerling and Wade. In 2010 the company was sold off to Richard Libby. The home-based business model offers wine tasting for its members. The company has more than 5000 sales agents who are known as traveling agents and has its presence in more than 40 states. Traveling vineyard is a member of direct selling association an organization which holds the company accountable and protects the selling agent. Traveling vineyard is also a member of the better business bureau and uses a method known as party plan of direct selling.

Traveling vineyards agents pay a fee of $189 and receive a wine kit which includes tasting glasses, wine, and some study materials. The company gives the agents wine that host two events as they begin. The company also helps the agents set up websites and even offer them training. The site is hosted free of the agents for three months after which they pay a small amount. The website will assist the agents market, take orders and sell their products online. The company offers the quality and the best wines distributed in the United States. They provide not only the wine but also the wine accessories. They have wine selection includes chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot blanc, pinot grigio and much more. The agents will have red, white wet or dry wine.

Traveling vineyard is a perfect business, especially for home staying mums. Millions of mums are opting out of the 5-9 jobs to take up opportunities like the traveling vineyard agent due to the convenience. The opportunity also gives you the opportunity to grow your income as your business grows. The opening is available for all mums as long as they are above 21 years of age and gives them power over their schedule. It’s also an avenue to meet other mums who are doing the same business. The company provides a wine kit they call the somnology kit to those without wine knowledge. Traveling vineyard also helps the agents host parties so they can showcase the wines. The mums don’t have them to stock the wines in their homes; they take the orders to the company, and the wine sent to the client. The mum can form monthly wine club and team building to help in selling and also recruit others. The wine business is an excellent opportunity for mums who are looking for to start a business that will let them be their boss.

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