Kate Hudson is no longer a rookie to the game of selling clothes. She has launched a very successful company called Fabletics with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, and the risks that she took was a very profitable. John and Adam are still very prominent in the background, but Kate is clearly the one that is running the show when it comes to athleisure wear and affordable activewear.


It is clear that Kate Hudson is the one that is winning the athleisure easier where game. She is someone that is very driven by what the competition is doing, and she makes efforts to rise to the Top by actually setting a lower price point then her competitors. Fabletics is a company that has stylish clothes, but many of these garments are still much cheaper than what they will find with Nike and Under Armour. Kate has also been able to compete with Fabletics competitor Amazon by using data to connect with customers.


The style quiz is what a lot of people are talking about when it comes to find clothes on the Fabletics website. This is great for Kate Hudson because it is a conversation starter for friends that are recommending this brand. It works well because it allows Kate to gauge exactly what her core argument is interested in. This style quiz is something that allows her to make a lot of adjustments to the fitness line that is being sold on this website.


Kate is aware that America is struggling with health. What she wanted to do in order to inspire people was create a fashionable line of athleisure wear that was fun to wear.


What Kate Hudson has come to discover is that she has a very important part of how people perceive this brand. She knows that her social media is going to be a large part of what brings people to the site. When they come to the site she knows that a sale on certain items can be the thing that gets people interested in clicking the button that is labeled “start shopping.”


That is why she is the first person that people see when they go to the website. She has created a very easy way for people to recognize this brand. The Fabletics website also mentions that there are new styles available every month, and this definitely adds appeal to this brand.