Consumers will purchase items that are trending and popular. For this reason, crowds are flocking to build up their athletic wear closet. When brands start to capitalize, they will see an increase in their sales due to the popularity of the items that they are selling. There are a number of brands that came out the gate right away with great sales.


One of the companies who is showing how e-commerce is leading the way in sales is Fabletics. The brand that first launched in 2013 has brought in a large number of sales that has caused the company to make more than $235 million dollars. The tech style guru, Shawn Gold credits the success to the business because of the brand but also because of the spokesperson who is at the front of the brand.


Before now, high quality brands were costly and only certain people were able to purchase the brands. There is now a market to bring in more sales to the world of membership marketing. The new membership marketing strategy is bringing in higher sales for shoppers who are taking interest in the new brand.


The new strategy is to show that businesses who offer membership type services for clothing, shoes, anything other than a gym membership keeps the shoppers coming back for more. The shoppers who are purchasing brands like Fabletics are doing so because of the trend but also because of the people who are spotted wearing them.


Kate Hudson has worked hard to bring her name out for Fabletics. She not only pushes her knowledge of work out gear to consumers but she also lets them know how comfortable the athletic wear can be. Shoppers who want to purchase something want to know that the person who is selling the items believes in them. Kate Hudson believes in what she is selling. She not only will let people know about the brands and options for the brands but she is also spotted wearing the Fabletics workout gear.


When heading into the gym, you want to be comfortable while you are there working out. Before the brand Fabletics was introduced, more people were interested in it because there was no prior sales of stylish workout gear. Since the brand has been introduced, there are more women working out in clothes that make them feel good and make them feel stylish all at the same time.