Real estate sector is growing and expanding at a high rate in Brazil. This means that there are many opportunities for investors to make great investments. Jose Auriemo Neto is one on the key players in the real estate industry in Brazil, and his impact in the industry is very positive. Jose Neto is the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of JHSF real estate company. JHSF mostly deals in residential and commercial properties which come with latest designs and better prices.

Jose Auriemo joined JHSF in 1993, and he has helped the company in becoming the number one real estate company that offers excellent services in the industry. The company has opened many offices in Brazil and even abroad to ensure they serve their clients effectively. With hard work and knowledge Auriemo Neto got from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University, he has been able to develop great plans and strategies that have helped JHSF company in expansion and growth.

With the support of Auriemo Neto, JHSF has been able to do big projects in the real estate sector. They have developed great shopping malls, hotels, retail stores, commercial and residential properties, and executive airports. Some of the shopping mall designed by JHSF are Iguatemi Shopping Complex, Shopping Ponta Negra, and Pioneering Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. Currently, the company is working on six more shopping malls and more retail shopping centers in Brazil.

Using great strategies and experience in real estate, Jose Neto has guided JHSF in creating two executive airports in Brazil. He was bold enough in deciding to build airports, and many investors thought the investment could not materialize. However, Auriemo Neto and his team took the risk, and their work is evident; two executive airports. One of the airports is Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport. This airport is the first business airport in Sao Paulo region, and it will open up Sao Paulo for more businesses.

Jose Auriemo Neto is very determined to make more real estate investments, and he believes in taking advantages of opportunities in business. JHSF will continue to grow and develop under the leadership of Jose Auriemo. His skills, experience, and creativity are unmatched, and he will continue to explore for more investment opportunities in the real estate sector which JHSF can take advantage of to keep expanding.