In the fitness and health industry, companies are constantly in competition to sell the best products or services for clients. The approach has generally been the same. However, a man by the name of Logan Stout revolutionized the way that individuals view health as it relates to supplemental vitamins. Stout was born in Richardson, Texas, where he graduated from J.J Pearce High School.

During his younger years he enjoyed sports, this is where he cultured the concept of developing a winning strategy. He was a member of his high school’s Student Athletic Counsel during. This is where he also received the MVP award his junior and senior years for basketball. The drive for success that Stout cultivated during his years of high school pushed him to become one of the top names in the health industry. He has released a book titled “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. In this book, Stout discusses the strategies that he used to become a successful entrepreneur. Logan Stout is the founder of IDLife.

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IDLife is a company that was designed to boost the health of individuals around the world by providing vitamin supplements specifically for the individual. The factors that are considered when creating these vitamins are: the individual’s sex, age, exercise and eating habits, sun exposure, medical conditions and even prescriptions. This ensures that the vitamins are specifically for each individual– addressing each core aspects of their health.

The vitamins have become so popular that brands such as Kraft, Hallmark, Ford and a multitude of others have joined the wave. This approach is referred to as “customized manufacturing.” Logan Stout has been extremely successful in his ability to let others see his vision for a healthier life. With the concept of having a game winning strategy, he has revolutionized the health industry.