When it comes to SQL – oriented transactional database management systems, one of the leading architectures in the industry is that of NuoDB. It works beautifully in distributed environments for deployment to the cloud (LAN or WAN networks.) Many categorize NuoDB as a type of NewSQL database system in that it retains the common characteristics of traditional SQL database management systems while incorporating new features for supporting scale-out processing for cloud computing environments. However, application programs still communicate with NuoDB using standard SQL statements, just as they would in any relational database system.

Where the NuoDB database management architecture innovates and diverges from mainstream traditional relational approaches, is that it separates operations into a three-tier structure of having: administrative, transactional and storage categories of activity. This three layered approach enables NuoDB to operate more flexibly with cloud applications, by eliminating the need for close coupling an application and its data to a disk drive. NuoDB divides data elements into individual objects called “atoms,” and uses a design known as “durable distributed cache.” This way, a set of in-memory caches help support cloud-style elasticity while ensuring that all data objects are stored and maintained safely with full support for multi-version concurrency control.