Olympic Valley Incorporation No Longer a Threat

The Reno-Gazette Journal reported that over the past few years, a severe drought has taken its toll on the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe. The winter resorts and surrounding businesses face not only the drought, but a political battle and incorporation attempt over what is known as Olympic Valley. This valley is known for its winter sports terrain and Squaw Valley Resort.

The president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC, Andy Wirth, admits things have been tough the past four years. He is optimistic that relief is on the way as far as weather and politics. Early snow storms and much colder than usual temperatures the past few seasons have helped the ski resorts open their slopes much earlier than normal. In addition, backers of the drive to incorporate Olympic Valley have finally withdrawn their pursuit.

Wirth states that Squaw Valley Ski Holding spent large sums of money opposing the incorporation attempt. If successful, the incorporation would mean higher taxes on businesses and residents. Not only would Olympic Valley be isolated from north shore communities which up until now, have been able to pool their resources, but important services such as roads being maintained and snow plowing would be decreased.

Wirth felt the move would result in financial disaster for businesses and the ski slopes. With the incorporation attempt halted, Wirth feels healing can take place and issues such as transportation and creating a healthier community can now be addresses. For more information, visit Reno-Gazette Journal.

Working to make Squaw Valley Ski Holdings one of the most desired destinations for tourists worldwide, CEO Andy Wirth is also a tireless advocate for environmental issues. His goal is to not only preserve the Lake Tahoe area and its natural resources, but to also improve the community services available to residents. Wirth believes that everyone in the community should benefit from the community service organizations.

Going beyond the needs of the community, Andy Wirth’s philanthropy efforts extend to another distinguished group, the Navy SEALs. Wirth suffered from an almost fatal skydiving incident resulting in his ambition to co-found an Ironman team known as “Wounded Warrior Support”.

His mission is to honor the brave and heroic individuals that represent the Navy SEALs. The team he initiated strives to raise funds for the supporting foundation of the SEALs. The money is used to aid special operations performed by the elite group of team members and to support them and their families upon their return home. Information can be found about Andy Wirth and his organization at About Me Andy Wirth.

More information can be obtained at:

Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

Beneful Lets Your Dog Taste the Flavors of the World

If you are like me, you love trying new foods. Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps your dog would love to try new foods and flavors from cultures around the world too? I hadn’t either until I discovered some of the dog food options from Purinastore‘s Beneful. Beneful offers on their Amazon page many different wet dog food, dry dog food, and dog treats but none of them stand out like the ones I’m about to tell you about.
Mediterranean Style Medley
The Mediterranean Style Medley is a wet dog food that brings your dog the nutrition they need and a flavor like no other. This dog food from Beneful is made from real meat and veggies including lamb, tomatoes, spinach and brown rice. This medley is served in a generous sauce making it perfect for mixing with dry dog food if preferred. See, https://www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/.

Tuscan Style Medley
Even your dog can enjoy a taste of Tuscany with this wonderful medley of beef, rice, spinach, and carrots. Made from 100% real ingredients and farm raised beef this meal option provides all the nutrition you could ask for and all the flavor they can enjoy!

Romana Style
The Romana Style Medley is one of my dog’s favorites. Bring the flavors of Italy to your pooch with this delectable blend of farm raised chicken, spinach, pasta and carrots covered in a very generous sauce.

Rice and Lamb Stew
If your dog is a fan of chunky meat bites, they will love the Rice and Lamb Stew wet dog food option. Made with peas, carrots, wild rice, and 100% real lamb this is sure to be a dish that every dog no matter their size or breed will enjoy.

Did I mention that these products provide 100% nutrition? That’s right! When you choose Beneful you can rest assured that your dog will receive products made from the best ingredients and with all of the nutrition they need to be healthy, happy and active!

Diversity at Hall Capital Leadership Fosters Integrity Culture

Of all the Bay Area money managers, I believe that Hall Capital is among the largest and most successful in this area. This is due to the $24 billion worth of assets that I heard is under their management. I thought that their strong returns are the center of its success but was shocked to hear their CEO, Kathryn Hall, claiming the opposite. She claimed that it is the diversity of their firm in matters gender, education as well as backgrounds that enable her to perform at her optimal best in making more cash for her clients.


From the background check I did on this firm based in San Francisco, I established that it was founded back in 1994 and it manages money for some of the families that are highly successful in the Bay Area. I also found out that one of the clients of Hall Capital was the late Warren Hellman. He was the founder and also financier of a private equity company referred to as Hellman & Friedman. The other clients that I found were John Fisher, who was the son of Gap Founder.


About Helane Morrison


Helane L. Morrison is currently working at Hall Capital Partners LLC as the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director and also as the General Counsel. She is also involved with the Firm’s Executive Committee as a member. Prior to joining this firm in the year 2007, Helane used to be the head of the San Francisco Office, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) from 1999-2007. At SEC she used to be in charge of securities enforcement and regulation matters and litigation touching 5 Northwest States and Northern California. From the year 1996-1999, she used to be the enforcement head of the SEC office based in San Francisco. She was tasked in representing the SEC in its business, legal and financial societies with government agencies and news media.


Morrison used to practice Law in a Law Firm (Howard, Rice and others) based in San Francisco from 1986 – 1996 where she made partner in 1991. She concentrated on defending private securities’ actions, business litigation and SEC issues. She also did internal corporate investigations. Helane Morrison had a stint as a law clerk in the Supreme Court for Justice Harry A. Blackmun (1985-1986) and Hon. Richard A. Posner, Court of Appeals of U.S. (1984-1985). She is a B.S. Journalism holder from Northwestern University and also a J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law.

Stephan P. Murray: A Man With Many Abilities

Investor, Philanthropist and Much More

Stephan P. Murray was born on August 2, 1962. He died on March 12, 2015. He will be remembered fondly as a man with many talents. He had been the chief executive officer and president of CCMP Capital.  He was a person who had many talents to offer to the world. His abilities were put to good use and benefitted those around him.

Board Seats

Stephan did hold board seats during his career. The most current seats include the following:
* Crestcom International
* Ollie’s Bargain Outlet
* Strongwood Insurance Holdings
* Jetro JMDH Holdings
* Infogroup Inc.

Stephen P. Murray was a respected and admired individual. He was an active and involved person who had many leadership qualities that were appreciated.

Economics and Education

Stephan excelled within education. He had attended Boston College and Columbia Business School. He had obtained his degree in economics. He had graduated in the year 1984. He then went forward to earn his master’s degree. Business administration was included. Stephan was a well-educated individual who has left a legacy that is worth remembering. He furthered his knowledge with credit analyst training. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://www.wsj.com/articles/ccmp-capital-advisors-gets-backing-to-resume-investing-from-fund-1430946145 and http://observer.com/2015/02/this-old-thing-private-equity-honcho-drops-little-place-uptown-for-11m/

A Family Man

Stephan Murray was also a family man. He had a wife and four sons who meant the world to him. His lived a life that appeared to be a nice balance between his career, education, and a family that he cherished.

Passions and Philanthropy
Stephan made it a point to leave this world a better place. He had supported many charitable organizations. He was able to generously give much of himself through philanthropy. He was very informed about generating ideas and found many ways to support numerous worthy causes. Stephan P. Murray was a man who lived a well-rounded life and he had many abilities and talents to offer.

A Man From North Tarrytown, New York
Stephan had been raised in Tarrytown, New York. He had gone to Sleepy Hollow High School. His parents are Joseph and Nancy Murray.

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Fabletics for All

There are some times that you may want to have something that is fun as well as functional for your exercise needs. You may wonder what Fabletics can do for you. This way you can find some clothing that works good for you.

Why You Need Fabletics

There are a lot of reasons you may want to look into Fabletics clothing for your exercise needs. the biggest is so you can have something that is comfortable and that works for you. These clothing items work well for you if you are looking for clothing that allows you to choose the best options and have them delivered right to your home. Why would you go to the store again?
Read more: Dressing down: The rise of athleisure

How it Works

There are a lot of ways Fabletics can give you the clothing you want without losing all the money you spend on exercise clothing. The way it works is the clothing is sent to you every month and then you are able to get a new pair everyday. You can change it online by going into your account and changing it.

There are a lot of options when looking at the idea of purchasing your exercise clothing online, but Fabletics is a great option if you want to forget about it and just get it every month. You can get the best clothing for your needs with only a click of the mouse. Take a minute and find the best clothing for your needs. That way you will be happy with what you get and get excited about what was coming next.


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Source: http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/style/fabletics-review-need-read/

Survival for the Strong -Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park the author of the Amazon released book titled ‘In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’. To her, her safe and joyous moments were when she had food. Her narrative started when she crossed the Yalu River at night with her mother.

To survive the journey, it took extraordinary strength. Yeonmi was subjected to constant human injustices like starvation and abuse.  According to her, the father died with no idea on the amount of food that exists in the world. He also didn’t know about democracy.

Yeonmi Park‘s ordeal has got the attention of many people across the world. Yeonmi says that her story is true, and some information was omitted to shield some family members living in North Korea. She also couldn’t tell all her secrets because of shame and fear of stigmatization. Read more from https://reason.com/blog/2015/11/15/yeonmi-parks-north-korean-defector-story.

Yeonmi Park currently lives in New York. Park narrates her mother offered herself to be raped instead of her. She told the Reason TV she was 13 when she escaped her oppressive country together with her mother.

Having grown under dictatorship leadership, Yeonmi transverse the world making aware the cruel life the people of North Korea live. In Korea, she lived with her parents and her sister near the Chinese border. They survived with the food given by the government. At some point, the rations reduced drastically, and they had to content with a frozen potato for dinner.

Yeonmi Park ate anything ranging from dragonflies, flowers, grasshoppers so much time as her tummy was filed. She was not concerned about the taste. Telling her story unveils the harsh leadership of Kim Jong-Il. The regime made citizens do whatever they could to stay alive, people starving. Dead bodies were usually found in compost pits.

The people lived in fear. For more information, read http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3255914/Woman-relives-nearly-raped-trafficker-smuggled-North-Korea-aged-13-saved-mother-offered-instead.html.

How Will Laidlaw & Company Help Clients Make Creative Investments?

Creative investments are a very important part of what Laidlaw & Company does. They are not a typical brokerage house that only does one kind of investment for every client. The company has a thousand things that it can do for every client, and there are millions of options that arise from all these creative techniques. A client who has specific needs can ask for specific things, and a client who is concerned about a certain kind of investment can ask about that even if it is obscure.
Laidlaw staffers are there to think outside the box, and they consider everything because they make recommendations to their clients. The brokers at Laidlaw & Company will think of ways to invest money that will provide the best returns, and they will use techniques that are used by the best hedge funds. There are a lot of people who are going to be able to get the right kind of investment done, and they are going to feel like it is the right decision because Laidlaw & Company understands all the modern techniques from Investor Claims that are used today. There are many people who are trying to make sure that they have something that is going to help them in their situation alone, and they can trust Laidlaw & Company for the help they need.

The brokers at Laidlaw are allowed to think big when they talk to investors, and they are allowed to make creative choices that are going to work for clients. Laidlaw & Company does not restrict investment, and the company helps their brokers get access to all the things that are needed to serve every client. Clients are in need of a broker who will make life easier, and they get that when they contact 800notes.com.

Talk Fusion Founder Donates Big to Humane Society

Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, recently made a sizeable donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, one that broke a notable record.

Recently, Reina donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa, the largest of its kind in the 100 years since it began operating.

The Humane Society of Tampa is an organization that helps rehabilitate animals that are suitable for adoption by families who can take care of them. Unlike common perceptions of animal shelters, the Humane Society of Tampa does no euthanize animals when space is limited but rather they place special emphasis on locating suitable homes as soon as possible.

Forgoing the process of euthanizing animals without assigned homes in favor of housing, treatment and rehabilitation, the Humane Society of Tampa’s commitment to their community requires a great deal of money in order to continue if such services are to be continually efficacious. Donations from people like Reina allow it to continue to do the work that has made it such a vital part in animal rescue services in the area.

Part of what made such a contribution from Reina possible is the impressive success Talk Fusion has recently experienced. For example, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat service has been the fifth most used video chat app in Japan and Switzerland, and with services like free trials that has expanded its reach globally.

Operating in more than 140 countries, Talk Fusion has offered up novel approaches to communication through viral marketing solutions, helping businesses and private individuals adapt to the fast changes in technology that make their lives easier.

Under his tenure Talk Fusion created and made available their Instant Pay Compensation Plan, which is a vital service they provide. Working with the Direct Selling Association, Talk Fusion has kept a high standard of practice that has led to increased business across markets and a strong working relationship with their associates.

FreedomPop Service in Spain to include Free WhatsApp Service

FreedomPop, a growing company in the low-cost wireless arena, is bringing its unique take on cellular service to Spain, and it will include use of the popular WhatsApp app as part of the package.

Currently, FreedomPop offers basic plans at no cost for customers in the United States and United Kingdom, allowing subscribers to use those services for free or to upgrade their accounts to have additional features. While those consumers get a limited number of free minutes and data, customers in Spain will also see the added perk of free calling and messaging through the WhatsApp app.

Estimates show that approximately 70 percent of wireless users in Spain have WhatsApp on their devices. It is believed the app accounts for more than 90 percent of the country’s texting activity. The addition of the WhatsApp service on FreedomPop devices mean that users can choose to communicate entirely for free as the company subsidizes their use of the app. This added value to customers in Spain leads the company’s prediction of acquiring 500,000 to one million users within their first two year of operation in the country.

FreedomPop has additional expansion plans, including sites in Europe, Asia and South American, some of which will be added this year. There are also launch plans for a global hotspot and SIM. While those efforts are initially focusing on usability across the European region further expansion may be in the works.

Read up on FreedomPop at this review: http://www.androidcentral.com/freedompop-offers-unlimited-access-its-wifi-network-5-month

Darius Fisher is Proud to Protect his Clients’ Reputations

Scandals are common throughout society. Every day, politicians, businessmen, universities, and other organizations encounter a difficult situation and chose to handle it poorly. This mismanagement leads to a scandal, which they then fail to properly manage the scandal. Failing to properly address a situation can forever keep an organization’s reputation down, so they must act quickly. Recently, the people at UC Davis encountered a scandal that they should have handled differently.

In early November 2011, protestors at UC Davis began a sit-in. The administration at UC Davis was tired of the sit-in, so they called the cops. The cops blocked the exits and began pepper spraying people in the quad. Hundreds of college students experienced injuries. The scandal began to plague the administration, but the University did not sit idly by and let the scandal stew. They immediately hired a reputation management firm, which acted to hide the event from people on the internet. Unfortunately, a story recently appeared revealing the plan at UC Davis. While many people fault the university for hiring a reputation management company, managing your reputation is only natural. The real error was the university hiring a reputation management company that could not remain discrete.

Reputation management is a constantly growing industry. The growth of the internet has made the news cycle extremely rapid, but it has also made it impossible for a story to go away. There are hundreds of news organizations, and when each one reports on a story that story will permanently stay on the front page of search engine results. Even a minor scandal can permanently destroy a company’s reputation. Status Labs recognizes this problem and acts to prevent reputations from being destroy. Darius Fisher founded the company to prevent people from losing their reputation.

Darius Fisher knows that your search results impact your bottom line, and he loves helping his clients. Today, his company serves 1,500 clients from around the world. Darius Fisher gives personal attention to each client and his clients are proud of the results. Companies around the world are struggling to save their reputation, and Fisher is proud to intervene on their behalf.

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