Atlanta Hawks’ Dan Ferry Sues Former insurer

The company that used to insure Atlanta Hawks LLC has been sued for breach of contract. The company and its previous owner, Dan Ferry will be answering to several charges in which the former owner of ABHE, Bruce Levenson has been enjoined. The current team managing the game is not part of this lawsuit. The prosecution side states that they are suing because a contract that had been signed has been acted against by the insurer.

According to the ABHE, the insurer had stated in their premium that they would cover all the losses that would result from employment practices. The malpractices that were to be covered included wrongful termination, discriminative hiring practices and also other employment law related issues. The current ownership at hawks stated that they had heard about the lawsuit, but did not think it had any effect on the current running of the company and its business. No particular details of the case were offered by either company.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce started creating businesses when he was still in college. He created UCG, a communications company with his college friend Ed Peskowitz. The business that they initially run from inside their dorm room is now a billion dollar company. He attended the Washington College and later joined the American University’s law school. His struggle to make it in a business that was dominated by people born into riches has endeared him to many as a self-made success story.

In 2011, Forbes billionaire BruceLevenson  decided to invest in something new and that is when the basketball team came to his mind. He bought the Atlanta Hawks and nurtured it for 4 years before selling it at a huge profit in 2015. The current principal, Tony Ressler has been running the company since 2015. Away from business, Bruce is a family man and also a philanthropist with influence in many charities.



Swiss Startup Factory Partnership with Fintech Fusion

Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. As a teenager, Baur had interest for Banking and Finance. Today, he takes pride in making his early passion as his profession. Mike worked in the Swiss Private Banking for almost 20 years before his way up as an executive in the Swiss Corporate Banking sector. In 2014 at the age of 39, Mike teamed up with his two business partners in establishing Swiss Startup Factory, a leading privately-financed and independent ICT startup in Switzerland. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Rochester University as well as an Executive MBA from Bern University.

Meanwhile, Swiss Startup Factory has announced a partnership with Geneva-based Fintech Accelerator. They build a unique bridge between French and Swiss German in Switzerland accelerators. Both Swiss Startup Factory and Fusion Fintech complement each other in basic setup and orientation. The accelerators will assist Swiss startups from prototyping stage to help them move smoothly to beta testing and market entry. Although the partnership focuses on Fintech, other ICT topics will be incorporated. In collaboration, the accelerators will partner on the startup acceleration, pre-selection process, joint events, and shared office space for startups.

As pointed out by Fintech Fusion’s founder, Guillaume Dubray, the digital transformation is everywhere in the world. As a leader in innovation, Switzerland has excellent conditions for existing and startup entrepreneurs to thrive. Here, startups have access a range of development programs such as Startup Hubs and training platforms. In partnership with Fintech Fusion, the Swiss Startup Factory focuses on fostering collaboration between startups in Switzerland.

In addition to Mr. Dubray’s statement, Mike Baur said that the partnership transcends barriers by linking the two accelerators from different linguistics and locations. He added that Switzerland often lacks effective efforts to concentrate its strengths and resources due to linguistic and diversity barriers. The partnership marks the beginning of strengthening the Swiss startup environment by promoting collaboration between regional players. The SSUF partnership will start on 18th January 2016 and end on 15th of April 2016.

Read more about his interview on Founder Stories.

About Swiss Startup Factory

Located in Zurich, Swiss Startup Factory is the leading accelerator supporting Swiss-based digital entrepreneurs. At Swiss Startup Factory, startups access free training and extended professional network in Switzerland and across the world. The firm runs a three month-long startup accelerator program with a spectrum of services such as training, mentoring, and an office space in Zurich. Besides, Swiss Startup Factory helps startups to build successful businesses.

Adam Goldenberg is One of the Best CEOs In LA For A Reason

Adam Goldenberg has built a reputation as one of the top CEOs in Los Angeles over the last 15 years or so. He started out as a wunderkind and now has developed into one of the most respected business leaders in the city. Goldenberg has had multiple successes over the last decade or so each leading into his most current successful venture, JustFAB. How has he built this success and ability to run a business successfully? He says it’s through to main methods. Those two practices are paying using metrics that are given to him regarding his company. The second thing is having a great staff thanks to his great hiring practices.

His current company, JustFab, raised over $50 million in funding in 2014 alone. This is a great feat for a business that was just founded in 2010. The company is a VIP clothing and fashion retailer that is membership based on People can gain membership to the company and gain access to fashions and styles that they may not have had access to in the past at a better price.

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This company is just Goldenberg’s latest success story. He first made waves in the LA business community through his gaming network, Gamer’s Alliance. Gamer’s Alliance was one of the first companies of its type. It was ahead of its time. Goldenberg ran the company until it was purchased in 1999. His next popular venture was an internet brand incubator called Intelligent Beauty. He founded that company in 2006 and ran it until he founded JustFab in 2010.

Goldenberg is not a prideful man. He will abandon a product or a marketing idea if the metrics imply that it is not effective. He has proven that he will do this time and time again over the course of his career as a business executive on

If a product that he sells is not moving, he will take it off of the shelves. This may seem like an easy decision. It can be hard for many executives to admit they were wrong about something and move on from it, though.

He is also great at hiring. He focuses on hiring people that are passionate about what they are doing. Goldenberg is known to ignore someone’s resume and focus more on how energetic and excited they are about working for his company. He thinks that many of the things that can be taught through experience can be learned on the job while you can’t teach energy or attention to detail.

Learn more about Adam Goldenberg:

Visiting the Local Kabbalah Centre

If you are dealing with a lot of stress in your life, it can sometimes be a good idea for you to take up a spiritual awakening so that you can feel good about handling all of these issues. This is why a lot of people are looking more into something called the Kabbalah, which is one of the oldest Jewish teachings out there that they could possibly find for themselves. The Kabbalah can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming for you to teach on your own and this is why a lot of individuals choose to go to a religious center in order to learn more about it.

The type of sensor that is right for you is known as the Kabbalah Centre and it is one of the best options for you when it comes to learning this amazing ancient practice. This Center has a lot of members who go to it each and every week in order to learn more about what it is able to teach to them. You will find that the Kabbalah center is open to a variety of different people and has a good standing when it comes to getting the most from this experience. It might be important for you to think about checking out Kabbalah Centre for yourself if you are tired of trying to teach this on your own.

The Kabbalah Centre can also be found online or on social media sites that are more popular in nature. This allows you to mingle with other people who already go to the Amazing Center on a routine basis so that you can ask them what they feel about their experience there. More and more people are realizing that the Kabbalah Center is a great option for their religious needs and allows them to learn something they would not have otherwise learned when it comes to spiritual teaching themselves. You’ll also be able to become a member without having to spend a small fortune or annual fees because this is something you can just go to and enjoy without having to worry that it is going to cost you a lot of money in the long run.

The M&A Advisor Chooses Madison Street Capital to Compete for 15th Annual Awards.

The M&A Advisor is a trusted regulatory organization that has been giving insights about companies that are involved in M&A transactions. The institution recently announced businesses that will be contesting for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards and Madison Street Capital was one of these enterprises. The recognition of the organization is important to companies that operate in the financial sector since it is an indicator of the accomplishments and contributions that they have made to the industry. Businesses and professionals who are recognized are those that have closed significant deals, offered funding and support, and have been significantly involved in the sector.

Madison has been nominated to be a contestant of two main awards. The company participated in a noteworthy deal that assisted in shifting the ownership of the Acuna & Asociados S.A. It was, therefore, recognized by being selected to compete for the Industrials Deal of the Year award for its excellent performance in the transaction. The other honor is the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year-International. The purchase of Acuna & Asociados S.A. was headed by the senior managing director of Madison, Karl D’Cunha.

The acquisition deal and the nomination that it received were praised by Charles Botchway, who is the proprietor and CEO of Madison. The company has been having a healthy relationship with Dowco, and therefore, he was happy that he had significantly benefited from it. The company’s staff that handles deal making has been actively working in all regions of the world to ensure that the clients have a good connection and knowledge of the emerging businesses that can significantly facilitate their penetration into the international markets. The purchase deal was affected by several variable aspects since it was international, and therefore, Madison’s employees used a lot of proficiency to ensure its success. Mr. D’Cunha also appreciated the nomination of the company to an award due to a transaction that he led. The company that will win awards will be made public by the M&A Advisor during a dinner gala that will be held on 9th November.

Madison Street Capital is a firm that is recognized for offering investment banking solutions in diverse regions of the world. The services of the company are based on exceptional values, which are integrity, leadership, and excellence. The main proficiency of the business is in finance counseling, approximations of the value or enterprises, merge and acquisitions, and business suggestions. The company assists its clients to be successful in both local and international markets. It has also been devoted to making sure that all objectives of the clients are met. This professional way of conducting business has built Madison Street Capital’s reputation and also enabled it to build robust and sustainable relationships with them.

Vintners’ Hall and Searcys Entertains the Liveries of London

Over 120 of London’s resident Livery companies arrived at Vintners’ Hall. The official City of London’s Livery Companies had an event there that showed off the catering and service skills of the hosts at the beautiful venue. It is one of the dozen Halls used for such purposes, but which has definitely been distinguished over the years as the best of the lot. The Livery Companies’ Wardens and Clerks often host such wonderful London events. The cuisine was top-shelf all the way and included Tietar cheese, prosciutto, eel croquettes, goat and rosemary curds, Broad Bean salad, French foie gras, and a basket of pepperonata. For desert, truffle buttons and white chocolate were served. Searcys managed and operated the services, including all the great food.

View photos of the UK Vintners Company on Instagram.

The Assistant Clerk of The Worshipful Company of Distillers, Kim Lyons, commented that the decision for Vintners’ Hall was an easy one, based on the tradition of quality and accommodation the venue is famous for. She said the high-end food was exactly matched with the perfect drinks. At one of the events at Vintners over 200 top spirits and other tastings were enjoyed by London’s movers and shakers. Lyons believes the combination of Searcys and Vintners strikes the best balancing of service with flexibility and true creativity.

The Clerk to the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, Julie Fox, indicated that she felt Livery Halls, such as Vintners’ Hall, bring a grand feeling to all types of gatherings. Vintners is one of the acclaimed ‘Great Twelve Livery Companies‘ of London that has consistently performed extremely well throughout their services. Fox pointed out that these Halls often hold charity events in their efforts to give back to society. Many people of imminence who have attended events at Vintners have remarked about what a positive experience they had at the events and their high interest in returning for future events.

“The Lip Balm That Makes You Smile.”

Welcome to EOS or Evolution of Smooth, with it’s tagline being “The lip balm that makes you smile.” Seven years ago the small “orbs” of EOS lip balm appeared everywhere including Ulta, Target, Walgreen’s and Walmart. Cosmopolitan and Allure magazine’s beauty editors were amazed by the uniqueness of the product and the flavors such as Honeydew and Grapefruit. Once celebrities, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera jumped on the EOS lip balm bandwagon, being seen taking the EOS orbs out of their purses, history was made.

How did EOS start to outspace Chapstick and Blistex on the shelves when those companies have been around much longer? The answer is uniqueness. Uniqueness in shape, size, flavors and organic ingredients. EOS currently sells $1 Million units per week, being on track to sell $2 Million by the year 2020.

Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner spent his early career at PepsiCo and Unilever. He thought the lip balm industry needed a makeover. The current lip balm products were virtually indistinguishable from each other. He saw an opportunity to create something new when he deemed that the industry in the lip balm category was being “lazy.” Mehra wanted to make a product that was not gimmicky and the design and concept could stand the test of time. He wanted the product to be a complete sensory experience. Menra wanted the packaging to feel good in the hands, he wanted the product to smell good and taste good, wanted the colors to be beautiful and even the sound of the clicking of the packaging to be pleasurable. He essentially wanted an emotional connection to the product.

Marketing was key. EOS contacted beauty bloggers to review the product on social media sites. EOS showed up music videos and sponsored Demi Lovato’s world tour. Great product placement!!



How Companies Are Using Video To Enhance Online Reputation

Every company wants to maintain a positive reputation but this is not always possible due to challenges along the way. The presence of bad press could damage the performance of a company since most customers don’t have the time to verify whether allegations are true or just a scheme to bring your business to its toes. Good news is that you can use Reputation Defender, reviews and videos to work on online reputation.

When you explore search engines, you will find many blogs with the kind of information you may be looking. Most of these websites promote businesses and to engage customers better, they have turned to the use of videos. If you don’t believed video is the best way to deal with online reputation, the statistics you will find depending on the quality of video made will edify you.

Up to 62% of viewers will leave negative remarks if the video uploaded is of low quality or represents something they think does not add much value to them. However, for a high-quality video, more than 74% percent of viewers will leave good remarks and will want to learn more about the company, cites a Business2Community article. These are the facts most companies are exploiting to boost their online reputation.

How to boost reputation using videos

Good content, contrary to what most people believe, does not mean making in-depth and long videos. In fact, the opposite is true since most people want to get the message without necessarily having to search for the meaning or dealing with technical jargon. Most people also don’t want to wait for a long time before you summarize your presentation, so the clearer and shorter you make it, the better the reception.

Distributing the videos

When it comes to marketing, distributing video content is similar to sharing other kinds of content, so you can easily use the same channels. The most effective platforms where you can share your message to reach target audience include email, social media and on a website or blog. Updating your subscribers relevant information that answers their problems allows you to achieve your goal in marketing.


Fabletics Retail Stores to Expand After Positive Sales

Fabletics, the brand of “athleisure” clothing designed for comfortable, casual athletic and lounge-wear and whose ads feature spokeswoman Kate Hudson, is expanding its stand-alone stores nationwide after a successful reception of its pilot retail locations. The previously online-only company has been a success for JustFab, its parent company. Fabletics, and other JustFab brands, are known for their subscription-based online membership services that allow VIP subscribers to purchase items at a discount. The items are shipped monthly as a subscription, unless you elect to skip a month by the 5th of the month.

Fabletics began rolling out physical stand-alone stores this summer and are seeing about half of their in-store sales from existing VIP members and one-quarter by customers signing up for membership in-store, while the remaining are non-membership retail purchases. With about one-quarter of their customers signing up for membership, Fabletics are seeing a boost in membership from areas that have a physical store.

The physical store locations offer another insight: people who are not making purchases in-store are checking out the merchandise in-store, trying on items, and checking out the quality of fabric, then going online that night to make their final shopping decisions via the website the same night. Customers who are more likely to shop and purchase in-person from retail stores are experiencing the brand in-person and like what they’re seeing. For Fabletics, it is a win-win situation.

JustFab is working on building up to 100 Fabletics stores within the next five years and are also working on expanding their products to include more men’s items, and introduce swimsuits and dresses. The line often called, the “Kate Hudson brand’ after its spokeswoman and co-founder has seen success from her image. Kate Hudson is known for encouraging women to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Her spin on the brand has resulted in fashionable, wearable, athletic fashions that are bright, colorful, and fun.

JustFab’s move from strictly online company to an internet and retail store combination is nothing new for e-retailers. Blue Nile and Amazon are both internet based businesses that expanded into physical retail stores successfully. JustFab joined both retailers last year in the top 100 of the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide.

It has not yet known the impact the physical stores have had on JustFab’s profits, but according to Gregg Throgmartin, the numbers are very positive. The brand was on-track to make $250 million as of February of this year, so the final numbers should be very interesting for investors. With the announcement of future stores in the planning process, it is very likely that they will meet or exceed those numbers. More details are available at Racked.

@Fabletics on Instagram

How Securus’ ConnectUs is saving Money and Time for Correctional Facilities

For many years, our correctional facilities across the United States have been depending on paper forms, which require both the corrections staff and prisoners to go through lengthy processes for handling their requests. Our prisoners have been going through an agonizing wait and endure unnecessary hiccups for their paper applications to be processed and approved. Even in an instance where there was a reliable schedule in place for processing these requests, it would be impossible to deal with thousands of paper forms effectively.


Paper forms have a huge number of disadvantages to both the corrections staff and inmates. Fortuitously, Securus Technologies made a very significant innovation, which will help solve all the problems associated with paper application forms. The Securus’ paperless, digital filing platform on ConnectUs increases the efficiency of communications between the prisoners and prisons authorities. Inmates will be able to fill and apply their grievance and inmate forms electronically. ConnectUs incorporates a user-friendly interface, and anyone can use it file applications any time in real time. Its ability to offer real-time status updates is what makes this inmate application from Securus Technologies uniquely effective.


 The grievance and prisoner application on ConnectUs is revolutionizing the inmate industry and setting new standards of service delivery and excellence. The app can do this through enabling our prison management to help inmates get access to real-time updates on the time of processing and delivering of their requests. In addition to making the life of inmates easier, the ConnectUs application also provides a wide array of avenues to jail authorities to customize the app as they deem fit to the needs of the particular correctional facility.


The ConnectUs application offers inmates with the chance to receive individual updates. In fact, inmates can receive compliance rules and important news on the ConnectUs application’s bulletin board. According to the information from Securus Technologies, the application is saving the correctional industry a lot of time and money. Every month, the ConnectUs application processes approximately 13.8 applications per inmate. The statistics from Securus indicate that the jail authorities save around 65% when using the app in comparison to paper forms. The application is continuing to receive rave reviews nationally for its cost-saving nature and efficiency.

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