Goettl Air Conditioning announced the acquisition of a family owned company called Walton’s Heating and Air located in southern California: the article first appeared in BizJournals. This acquisition by Goettl enabled them to intensify their expansion into California. They already have customers in Tucson, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

The owner of Walton’s Mr. Longbrake said that he did his best to place the Heating Company where it is now. And the Goettl’s deal will enable them to venture beyond their limits though the BizJournal reported that he was reluctant at first to enter deal way back in early 2015. But after hearing from the happy customers about the Goettl’s reputation, he changed his mind.

Though the deal was finalized in mid-2015, it was not made public until last month to avoiding operational marketing problems within the Walton’s. Longbrake was given the role in managing sales department and overseeing company’s operations in the field.

Mr. Goodrich, Goettl’s owner, commented that Walton’s and his business had a rich history together, both driven by the same values. Although the Walton’s had a rough year with slow growth rate, Goodrich saw an opportunity; where they would expand and serve bigger markets, the article added.

The acquisition created more jobs for over 200 positions for Tucson and Phoenix residents. The company previously had over 306 employees. Goodrich said that their objective is to make Goettl recognized across the country.

Air conditioning

The Goettl Air Conditioning Company began as developers of evaporative cooling systems in 1939, fast-forward now they are the most trusted providers of conditioning services and highly trained technicians. They are reliable and provide high value for customer’s money.

They provide efficient, energy and money saving air conditioning services at home or offices. The following are the types of cooling they offer as per their company’s website at www.goettl.com.

  • Heat pumps- this device contains both heating and air conditioning systems as one. Runs in reverse mode, moving heat into the house and moving it out.
  • Thermostats- as per requests, they can install high-tech smart thermostats and indoor air quality systems
  • Ductless Mini splits- is among the best cooling systems especially for houses that lack ducts.
  • Centralized air conditioner – you get what you order. They stock energy saving systems that help you keep your bills as low as possible.

Besides stocking and installations of theses air conditioners, Goettl offers useful maintenance packages for the same. Their routine checkups are thorough in keeping you worrying and lowering the chances of breakdowns. In case you might be in need of their services, just drop them a call. They have trucks that ensure their mobility. With them, you are sure of quality work, extreme honesty and innovation driven services.