Anthony Petrello is a believer in that hardships can generate miracles. Since Anthony Petrello and his wife Cynthia got their baby Carena, life has never been the same for this family. Their daughter was born suffering from a neurological disorder. This is a problem that has affected Anthony’s entire life, and she has not been able to live like the normal child. She has to be taught some of the basic human movements such as walking, chewing and even talking. For the first seven years, baby Carena could not eat any solid food since it was impossible to chew. This medical problem made one of the best CEO in the world today, Tony Petrello to review his perspective about world fortunes and wealth if it could not heal his only daughter. He has been for some time now he has been leading the efforts towards the realization of a better medical care for children who are suffering from neurological disorders. From the experience that he has gotten through his daughter’s health status, there has been almost no research geared towards treating neurological disorders that affect children.

Baby Carena was born prematurely, at 24 weeks and weighed less than the normal weight required for healthy survival. Her condition has been the driving force as to why his parents are so much interested in coming up with measures that will lead to research in field of medical study.

To Anthony Petrello and Cynthia, their dream is to see their child accomplish some basic human actions such as eating, walking and even talking. Anthony Petrello who heads the biggest drilling company in the globe has been very keen to set up a research center that will employ the best medical doctors and surgeons in the world, to come up with a methodology of treating neurological issues in children.

In his philanthropic mission to support this research initiative, Anthony Petrello has single-handedly contributed over $5 million to support the development of first research center in the world that will deal with children neurological disorders. Anthony Petrello has partnered with other people of good will in the world to contribute to this initiative. He has used his influence as a leading corporate figure to spearhead fundraising initiatives towards the Texas Children’s Hospital Neurological Centre. Anthony Petrello hopes that one day there will be a reliable treatment for his daughter and many more children who continue to suffer from no means of help from the people expected to assist them. Petrello has decided to lead from the front and make the world a better place than he found it.

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