“Foresight” is not necessarily a quality that is found in every man, woman or child on Planet Earth. The United States might want to “make America great again,” but without entrepreneurs, like Sawyer Howitt, it might be difficult. For, the business of America is business, according to President Calvin Coolidge.

Entrepreneurs Make America Great

Edison, Ford and the Wright Brothers transformed the way in which the world works and plays. They have built the products that people need to fulfill their journey. Every business success is based on this fundamental need to “satisfy customer needs.”

Right versus Left Brain

Generally, an entrepreneur will be primarily right- or left-brained. By working with startup incubators, like the Meriwether Group, they can determine which talents, skills and personnel should be added to complete their firms.

“Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.” – Henry Ford

Entrepreneurs have an advantage over the general population because they think critically.

How do startups become mature companies?

Talented children are learning skills from their fathers (i.e. Stephen Curry). This gives them a head start. Henry Ford also learned the automobile industry as a teenager.

Startups also learn from predecessors. While you might have a powerful creative spark, you might want to contact the Meriwether Group to Fulfill your Journey. The successful consultants at Meriwether can help you focus your strategic plan. Meriwether’s CEO is David Howitt, father of Sawyer Howitt.

Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt

Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt is a Meriwether Project Manager, helping startups take the next step. He is forward-thinking, as seen in his Sawyer Howitt‏ @sawyerhowitt 27 Dec 2016 Tweet:

“Also, Florida, a state that will likely be underwater within the century voted for a man that believes climate change is a Chinese hoax.”

Thinking out of the box, Trailblazer Sawyer Howitt helps entrepreneurs swim upstream. He has the industry expertise head start, which is essential for successful game changers. Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt has “Foresight.”