Wild Ark was originally founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson who were environmental conservationists who longed to see people educated about wildlife and allowed to enjoy and experience that wildlife without having to sacrifice the safety of the animals that called this area home. The Hutchinson’s goal is to make a difference in the world by providing wild animals safe places to live among a growing amount of perils facing their habitats, and still allow people to enjoy the spectacular views of nature. Wild Ark creates that divide between the wildlife and the sightseers to keep the wildlife safe while providing the sightseers with the sights they travel around the world to see. It’s about the peaceful coexistence between the animals and humans.


Wild Ark is an organization that focuses on protecting the “green belts” of the world to allow wildlife to thrive there. The goal is to keep the rich biodiversity of these lands alive and thriving in the midst of an ever-growing industrial age. The goal is to do this while still allowing people to come visit these areas of the world for sightseeing and experiences seeing the exotic, unique wildlife that each specific location has to offer.


Wild Ark helps people connect with these wildlife experiences all over the world including locations from Africa to Alaska to and back again including countries like South Africa, Botswana, and Kenya to name a few. Expeditions last anywhere from a few days to almost a month at 28 days. Each adventure takes you to a different part of the world to observe the beautiful wildlife and the sightseeing each place has to offer, while also protecting the animals from danger and harmful human interaction that could otherwise harm the lands in which these animals live. Wild Ark provides services that allow people to see nature and also allows nature to be protected all at once without risking the human experience or the animals’ habitats.


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